Stylizer 2.0.4

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Stylize different aspects of the server!
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namecolour spigot 1.16

Note: This is a re-brand of the plugin OmegaNames!

Stylizer is a simple modern plugin designed to allow you to give players the opportunity to set their own name colours and customise items by adding custom names and lores to the item. You are also able to setup/format chat and tablist to however you're wanting.



Namecolours - Players are able to pick and choose their own name colours all from a selection that you determine in a neat menu. You are able to set per-namecolour permissions or have one permission for all name colours. It's completely upto you. Hex Colours are allowed!!

Tablist Formatting - You are able to fully customise the header and footer for the tablist. All players will have any prefixes and suffixes included with their names.

Item Namer - Players are able to set custom names and custom lore messages too any item that they want (provided they have permission of course)

100% Customizable - All the different plugin messages are customizable to make them match your servers theme! Just edit them inside the messages.yml

Placeholders - All the messages and chat formats can support all of the PlaceholderAPI placeholders.

Chat Log - All chat messages are logged to the chatlog.yml (you can disable this in the config.yml if you want.).


/stylizer - Main command

/namecolour - Open the namecolour menu -

/stylizerclearlog - Clear the chat log - hyperwarps.clearlog

/itemnamer set name <name> - Set a custom item name -

/itemnamer set lore <lore> - Set a custom item lore - stylizer.itemnamer.set.lore

/itemnamer remove name - Remove a custom item name -

/itemnamer remove lore - Remove a custom item lore - stylizer.itemnamer.remove.lore


If at any stage you come across a sneaky bug that I was unable to locate during testing please do not hesitate to get in contact with me so I am able to squash it quickly for you. When you are finding yourself in need to contact me about any of my plugins, if it is relating to a bug, please try and provide as much detail as possible, including server version, plugin version and the steps taken to get the bug.


I have spent some time setting up a discord server that you are welcome to join at any time. Here you are able to seek help, have a chat, be informed of any updates or announcements and just be apart of a great community. You can join the community or invite your friends to the discord community by using this link:


Of course, we have the normal contact method of using the SpigotMC website. You can locate my profile here: Feel free to privately message me about anything related to any of my plugins

Lastly, I would like to say Thank you for supporting my plugins and supporting me as a developer. While I am still somewhat new to plugin development I try to provide the best support and the best plugins for you guys (and girls). Again, Thank you.

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Latest reviews

This was pretty much drag and drop. I like that there is a placeholder available. I wish more developers would have placeholder support
Thanks for the review.

All my plugins have placeholder support to some extent, If you would like anything else added, or have any suggestions feel free to let me know.
Great plugin to change the name colors!
Thanks for the review.

I'm glad to hear you like the plugin :D. If you like, also check out my other plugin. OmegaDeath.


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