x30 HQ Prison Mines [$12] 1.1

PolygonCreates.com | A pack of 30 high-quality prison mines. Perfect for any prison server!
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HQ x30 Prison Mine Pack | 1.8+
"A pack of 30 high-quality prison mines. Perfect for any prison server!"​

• Mines 1-5: Cherry Blossom Mine, Crash Landing Mine, Golf Course Mine, Planet Planet Mine, Quarry Mine
• Mines 6-10: Egyptian Pyramids Mine, Glacier Mine, Nether Mine, Tropical Island Mine, Underwater Mine
• Mines 11-15: Desert Mine, Mediterranean Mine, Mushroom Cove Mine, Spooky Mine, Volcanic Mine
• Mines 16-20: Autumnal Mine, Desserts Mine, Nuclear Wasteland Mine, Overgrown Planet Mine, Toxic Swamp Mine
• Mines 21-25: Abandoned Tower Mine, Birch Forest Mine, Elven Mountains Mine, Flower Forest Mine, Snowy Mine
• Mines 26-30: Garden Cove Mine, Mushroom Planet Mine, Pine Forest Mine, Redwood Forest Mine, Rockpool Mine

• Each mine is 181x181 with a 35x35x35 mining area.
• Builds are NON-EXCLUSIVE. Resell rights are NOT included.
• Schematics are copied from the north-west corner.
• File contains 30 individual mine schematics compressed as a .zip.
• Built using 1.8 blocks.
• Plenty of space for NPCs within each of the mines as well as customisation.

Additional Images can be found HERE.



Latest updates

  1. World File with Barriers

    - Now added barrier block spheres to each of the 30 mines (this is included in the WORLD FILE only!)

Latest reviews

Very worth it! Beautiful designs
These mines are really high quality and look very good. They are worth the money,
Honestly, worth the price tag. 30 extremely high quality mines for a very good price. I had a few question and reached out to the Author, who is extremely active and super friendly and helped me out. I recommend this to anyone who is on a budget and want high quality prison mines for their server :) vouch.
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