Never have to worry about inventory space ever again!

MTBackpacks is the best backpack plugin for spigot which will allow you to create backpacks to store more items. It is compatible with AutoSell and AutoSell's AutoPickup, making it suitable for all prison servers, survival servers, and faction servers! With modern features, customizable messages, and PAPI support this makes it the best backpack plugin for spigot out there!

- Comes functional right out of the box, no configuration needed.
- Updated often by TeamMT, guaranteed support.
- Backpacks
- Supports creating multiple types of backpacks (including defining your own).
- Allows changing the size of a backpack without needing to make another backpack type.
- Allows making backpacks out of any item.
- Allows making backpacks out of a player named skull.
- Allows making backpacks out of base64 skulls.
- Customisable display name and lore for all types of backpacks.
- Dynamic lore. If the size or the content of the backpack changes, so does the lore.
- Allow any size of backpack smaller than 54, including non-multiples of 9 (like 23)
- Sacks
- Just like a regular backpack, but will only allow one type of item and can have any size
- Supports any kind of item, and will accurately keep track of it
- When running under the emulated VK API, will behave like a regular inventory, allowing AutoSell to hook into it.
- Allows changing the size of a sack without needing to make another sack type.
- Allows making sacks out of any item.
- Allows making sacks out of a player named skull.
- Allows making sacks out of base64 skulls.
- Allows the number of slots to go up to 33 million
- Crafting
- Supports creating crafting matrixes
- Supports making backpacks/sacks with other backpacks/sacks as the materials
- Has advanced anti-dupe mechanisms to prevent any attempt to dupe.
- Comes preconfigured with a bunch of crafting recipes for all types of backpacks (all of which are configurable)
- Allowed items
- Operate on a whitelist/blacklist basis, and block any unwanted items
- Have access to both global (for all backpacks and all sacks) whitelists and blacklists
- Have access to local whitelists and blacklists which can be modified per type of backpack
- Performance
- Very lightweight. The plugin was made with performance in mind from the very start.
- Has an internal positioning cache which improves performance when calling the same API calls repeatedly (when mining quickly, ideal for prison servers)
- Each backpack data is kept in a separate file and only loaded in memory when needed
- Data (de)serialization is only done on startup and shutdown so no resources are wasted on it!
- Has an autosave feature in case of a crash to save as much data as possible
- Extremely efficient lore appliance to keep resources low.
- Messages
- 150% customizable messages (see
- Reload the plugin on the fly
- PlaceholderAPI support and MvdwPlaceholderAPI support
- Has its own PlaceholderAPI extension with enough control to create your shop.
- Public API
- Event-based API, with cancellable, fully modifiable events.
- Supports two types of events (BackpackCloseEvent and BackpackOpenEvent)
- Has public methods for developers to hook into (access the class by calling MTBackpackAPI.getInstance())
- Runs its own, highly accurate, emulated, API for the VKBackpack API, meaning most plugins won't even have to port their code, just check if MTBackpack is also installed. (although, a performance boost is obtained by using the MTBackpack API directly) That means that certain integrations can be done directly by TeamMT if the plugin is requested in our discord.
- Supports most versions of spigot, including:
- Spigot 1.16 through Spigot 1.8.8
- Paper Spigot 1.16 through Paper Spigot 1.8.8
- Tuinity Spigot 1.16 through Tuinity Spigot 1.8.8
- Should work fine with Stellar Spigot, Gem Spigot, Elapsed Spigot, Taco Spigot, Beer Spigot


/bp help - Shows the help menu for the plugin
/bp reload - Reloads the plugin
/bp types - Lists all types of backpacks
/bp give <type> [target] [size] - Gives a backpack to a target
/bp setsize <player> <size> - Sets the size of the held backpack

permissions_25.png - Permission for the help command
teammt.mtbackpack.types - Permission to see the types of backpacks
teammt.mtbackpack.give - Permission to give backpacks
teammt.mtbackpack.setsize - Permission for the setsize command
teammt.mtbackpack.reload - Permission for the reload command


How does MTBackpacks compare to other backpack plugins for Minecraft?


MTBackpacks will hook into the following plugins
- AutoSell by clip
- PlaceholderAPI by clip
- Any plugin which uses VKBackpack's API

%mtbackpackpapi_holding% - Returns true or false based on whether the player is holding a backpack
%mtbackpackpapi_bpsize% - Returns the size of your backpack
%mtbackpackpapi_bpadmitssize% - Returns true or false based on whether your backpack can take having this many slots added.
%mtbackpackpapi_bptype% - Returns backpack or sack





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