ManticHoes - Premium AutoSell HarvesterHoe Plugin 2.4

The best Upgradable HarvesterHoes plugin on the market!

This plugin features the best HarvesterHoes for the best possible price. Any features you would like to test feel free to DM me on Discord xMantic#3100 and I will show off any feature that this plugin has to offer. Every HarvesterHoe can be 100% customized using the provided placeholders and can look completely unique to your server!


/harvesterhoe give <player> (Used by staff to give people Harvester Hoes) (Needs mantic.harvesterhoe.give permission)
/harvesterhoe reload (Used by staff to reload the configs) (Needsmantichoes.reloadpermission)
/cane (Used to show how much cane you have hit)
/canetop (Used to show the top 10 cane hitters)
/cane <player> (Used to check how much cane a player has hit)
/cane reset all (Used by staff to reset ALL Cane stats) (Needs mantic.tokens.resetall permission)
/captcha <player> (Used by staff to force a Captcha on players) (Needs mantic.captcha.force permission)
/tokens help (Used to pull up Token Help menu)
/tokens balance (Used to check ones own Token Balance)
/tokens balance <player> (Used to check other's Token Balances)
/tokens reset <player> (Used by staff to reset the Token Balance of a player) (Needs mantic.tokens.reset permission)
/tokens reset all (Used by staff to reset ALL token balances) (Needs mantic.tokens.resetall permission)
/tokens pay <player> <amount> (Used by players to pay their tokens to other players) (Needs permission)
/tokens give <player> <amount> (Used by staff to give tokens to players) (Needs mantic.tokens.give permission)
/tokens remove <player> <amount> (Used by staff to remove tokens from players) (Needs mantic.tokens.remove permission)
/tokens set <player> <amount> (Used by staff to set tokens balance of players) (Needs mantichoes.tokens.set permission)
/upgrade (This opens the upgrade GUI for the Harvester Hoe)
/tokenshop (This opens the Tokens Shop)

License: "Put License Here"

Hoe-Name: "&a&lHarvesterHoe"
Hoe-Enchanted: true
- " "
- "&e&m-----------==[&6 Upgrades&e&m]==-----------"
- ""
- "&a * Harvest:&c {SellLevel}"
- ""
- "&a * Token Booster:&c {TokenLevel}"
- ""
- "&a * Spawner Finder:&c {SpawnerLevel}"
- ""
- "&a * Key Hunter:&c {KeyLevel}"
- ""
- "&a * Original Owner:&c {IGN}"
- ""
- "&e&m------------------------------------"

Update-CaneTop-Instantly: false
CaneTop-Update-Timer: 1 #This is in minutes

One-High-Cane: true #This will stop players from placing cane more than one high
Captcha-Chance: 10000 #This is the chance of a captcha happening when hitting a piece of cane (The higher the number the lower the chance, currently 1/10000)

Sell-Timer: 15 #This is how often the money from hoes is sold and deposited to players in Seconds
Save-Timer: 1 #This is how often data is backed up in Minutes

Track-Cane-Above: true #This is an option to only track the cane hit vs the cane hit and the cane above (For /canetop)

Max-Sell-Level: 100 #Max level for the Sell Upgrade on the hoe
Price-Per-Sell-Upgrade: 2500 #Price in tokens for each upgrade of this type
Cane-Price: 15 #The price of each piece of cane, make sure to keep this a whole number!
Extra-Money-Per-Sell-Upgrade: 3 #The amount of extra money you get for each upgrade of this type on top of tge default

Max-Tokens-Level: 100 #Max level for the Tokens Upgrade on the hoe
Price-Per-Tokens-Upgrade: 2500 #Price in tokens for each upgrade of this type
Amount-Of-Tokens-Per-Cane: 15 #The amount of tokens you get per piece of cane
Extra-Tokens-Per-Tokens-Upgrade: 5 #The amount of extra tokens you get for each upgrade of this type on top of tge default

#The two upgrades "Spawner" and "Key" use this system laid out below.
#The default chance for both is 0.001% (1/100000)
#With an additional 0.00001% chance for each upgrade (Level 100 would around 1/50000 gives a key)
#A formula you can use to calculate the chance to get a Key of Spawner is below
# 1 / ((x + ((y - 1) * z)) / 100)
# x = Default Chance
# y = Level of Hoe (the minus 1 is there because we do not count the first level)
# z = The extra chance for each level
Max-Spawner-Level: 100 #Max level for the Spawners Upgrade on the hoe
Price-Per-Spawner-Upgrade: 2500 #Price in tokens for each upgrade of this type
Default-Spawner-Chance: 0.001
Extra-Spawner-Chance-Per-Level: 0.00001
- "give {Player} 52:50 1"
- "give {Player} 52:51 1"
- "give {Player} 52:52 1"
- "give {Player} 52:53 1"

Max-Key-Level: 100 #Max level for the Keys Upgrade on the hoe
Price-Per-Key-Upgrade: 2500 #Price in tokens for each upgrade of this type
Default-Key-Chance: 0.001
Extra-Key-Chance-Per-Level: 0.00001
- "give {Player} tripwirehook 1"
- "give {Player} tripwirehook 2"
- "give {Player} tripwirehook 3"
- "give {Player} tripwirehook 4"

#The menu when people type /upgrade
#NOTE - Slots are formatted as shown in this photo
Title: "&a&lUpgrade Menu"
Size: 9 #This HAS to be either 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, or 54
Fill-Empty-Slots-With-Glass: true #This will fill empty slots in the upgrade menu with glass
Glass-Color: 15 #The color of glass you want
Glass-Glowing: true #Will make the glass enchanted :eek:
Type: "Sugar_Cane"
Slot: 1
Name: "&aSell Booster"
- "&aClick here to upgrade your"
- "&aSell Booster to the next level!"
- " "
- "&aCurrent Level:&c {SellLevel}"
- "&aPrice:&c {U1Price}"
Type: "Gold_Ingot"
Slot: 3
Name: "&aTokens Booster"
- "&aClick here to upgrade your"
- "&aTokens Booster to the next level!"
- " "
- "&aCurrent Level:&c {TokensLevel}"
- "&aPrice:&c {U2Price}"
Type: "Mob_Spawner"
Slot: 5
Name: "&aSpawner Finder"
- "&aClick here to upgrade your"
- "&aSpawner Finder to the next level!"
- " "
- "&aCurrent Level:&c {SpawnerLevel}"
- "&aPrice:&c {U3Price}"
Type: "Tripwire_Hook"
Slot: 7
Name: "&aKey Hunter"
- "&aClick here to upgrade your"
- "&aKey Hunter to the next level!"
- " "
- "&aCurrent Level:&c {KeyLevel}"
- "&aPrice:&c {U4Price}"

Prefix: "&8[&2Mantic&aHoes&8]"

No-Permission: "&cYou do not have permission to use this command"
Sold-Chat-Message: "&aYou have been paid &c${Amount} &afrom your last sell!"
Not-Enough-Tokens-Message: "&cYou do not have enough tokens to purchase this!"
Not-Holding-Harvester-Hoe-Message: "&cYou need to have a Harvester Hoe in your hand to use this!"
Tokens-Balance-Message: "&aYour Tokens Balance is {Balance}"
Tokens-Balance-Others-Message: "&a{Player}'s Tokens Balance is {Balance}"
Tokens-Paid-Message: "&aYou have sent {Amount} Tokens to {Player}"
Tokens-Paid-Recived-Message: "&aYou have been paid {Amount} Tokens by {Player}"
Tokens-Given-Message: "&aYou have given {Amount} Tokens to {Player}"
Tokens-Given-Recieved-Message: "&aYou have been given {Amount} Tokens"
Tokens-Removed-Message: "&cYou have removed {Amount} Tokens from {Player}"
Tokens-Removed-From-Message: "&cYou have had {Amount} Tokens removed from your balance"
Tokens-Reset-Message-Sender: "&cYou have reset the Tokens of {Player}"
Tokens-Reset-Message-Reciever: "&cYour Tokens have been reset"
Tokens-Set-Message-Sender: "&cYou have set the Tokens of {Player} to {Amount}"
Tokens-Set-Message-Reciever: "&cYour Tokens have been set to {Amount}"
Invalid-Player-Message: "&cYou have entered an invalid player name"
One-High-Cane-Message: "&cYou are only allowed to place SugarCane one high"
HarvesterHoe-Given-Message: "&aYou have given a Harvester Hoe to {Player}"
HarvesterHoe-Received-Message: "&aYou have been given a Harvester Hoe"
Captcha-Passed-Message: "&aYou have passed the Captcha, you can continue hitting cane!"
Captcha-Failed-Message: "&cYou have failed the Captcha, you must wait 60 Seconds to try again!"
Captcha-Cooldown-Message: "&cYou are on Captcha Cooldown, please wait {TimeLeft} seconds to hit cane again!"
Cane-Check-Message: "&aYou have hit &c{Amount} &aSugarCane"
Cane-Check-Others-Message: "&c{Player} &ahas hit &c{Amount} &aSugarCane"

Leaderboard-Header: "&a&m---------&8[&c{Page} / {MaxPage}&8]&a&m---------"
Leaderboard-Footer: "&a&m---------&8[&c{Page} / {MaxPage}&8]&a&m---------"
Leaderboard-Format: "&f{Rank}. &6{Player}: &b{Amount}"

Shop-Title: "&cTokens Shop"
Shop-Size: 27
Fill-Empty-Slots-With-Glass: true #This will fill empty slots in the upgrade menu with glass
Glass-Color: 15 #The color of glass you want
Glass-Glowing: true #Will make the glass enchanted :eek:

11: #This is the slot number you want the item to show in the inventory (You can make as many or as few as you want as long as it fits in the inventory)
Buyable: true #This marks if this is a buyable item slot or a slot that does nothing
Name: "&bGod Helmet" #The name of the item
Type: "Diamond_Helmet" #The item you want dispayed in the slot
Data: 0 #Data on the item (For example if you wanted a color of stained glass)
Glowing: True #Do you want the menu item to be enchanted
Price: 10000 #Price in tokens
Command: "give {Player} diamond_helmet 1" #Command ran after the player buys the item
Empty-Slots-Needed: 1 #Mainly for buying things such as kits, use this to show how many empty slots a player will need to receive this item without their inventory overflowing
Lore: #Lore that will be shown below the item
- "&2God Helmet"
- ""
- "&cClick to buy for 10000 tokens"
Buyable: true
Name: "&bGod Chestplate"
Type: "Diamond_Chestplate"
Data: 0
Glowing: True
Price: 25000
Command: "give {Player} diamond_chestplate 1"
Empty-Slots-Needed: 1
- "&2God ChestPlate"
- ""
- "&cClick to buy for 25000 tokens"
Buyable: true
Name: "&aCreeper Eggs"
Type: "Monter_Egg"
Data: 50
Glowing: False
Price: 50000
Command: "give {Player} 383:50 16"
Empty-Slots-Needed: 1
- "&216x Creeper Eggs"
- ""
- "&cClick to buy for 50000 tokens"
Buyable: true
Name: "&aGSet Kit"
Type: "Diamond_Sword"
Data: 0
Glowing: True
Price: 500000
Command: "kit gset {Player}"
Empty-Slots-Needed: 8
- "&2Full God Set Kit"
- ""
- "&cClick to buy for 500000 tokens"
Buyable: false
Name: "&aThis is a slot that does nothing"
Type: "Stained_Glass"
Data: 2
Glowing: True
- "&2This is an example of a slot that"
- "&2Does nothing at all (Can be used for"
- "&2shop info or whatever)"

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