🔰[NEW] SURVIVAL [1.18] -[20%] -🔰Dungeons - Rewards - Rankups and more ✅ 1.0

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  1. Survival
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Supported versions
  1. 1.18
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💬 Tired of basic setups and no great configuration?
With this setup you will be able to add a lot of content to your network, + than 100 buyers are happy with all the configuration they acquire

💎 Support:
Discord: https://discord.gg/6zm6FbkQBn
My Discord: iJuanP#3484

The versions available for this setup are 1.16 - 1.17 - 1.18 in the languages of SPANISH/ENGLISH

🌙 Requirements:
4 (GB) - Java 17 (1.18)
(Always remember to pre-generate the world so that the server does not have TPS problems)

🔨 Server Test: - (English version)

💸Premium plugins:
✅BattleLevels (Required)
✅EzRanksPro (Required)
✅EliteEnchantments (Required)

✅GuiPlus (Required)



⚡️We will talk a little about our setup.
It is oriented to the RPG theme, players will be able to complete various missions and achievements that will allow them to increase their life and mana, this so that they can perform the dungeons that exist within the server. (Currently there are 4 dungeons), in these dungeons players will be able to get coins and money to be able to trade in the established NPCS, many players will spend hours trying to get the best equipment to advance their progress, remember that there are also 30 RankUPS, Prestige and much more.


👑 Important features

⚙️ Optimization

All our setup is configured in such a way that it can support more than 60 connected players without having any performance problems.

All the plugins are the best optimized, likewise the default files are changed to avoid lag problems, we also use a special fork to improve server performance, you will not find any problem when using this setup in your mode, you will notice great fruitfulness in the mode as it has no performance issues

🎮 Own system

Our system of
improvements/prestige/titles is specific to the server, we have created specific and interactive menus so that players can better understand the server, these systems will provide a unique touch to the server since you will not find this anywhere else

🏆 Ranks

On our server we have important ranks with which players can climb using the server's own money.

📕 We do not forget the VIPS, we have 5
VIPS that each have unique permissions and advantages, with this you can implement several packages in your virtual store

We have all the staff ranks, from helper, moderator, admin, dev, manager and owner, in this way you can have your administrative team distributed in a good way, each one has useful and functional permissions so that they can contribute in a greater way to the server

🔴 There are 30 rankups with which players can rank up to obtain permissions, such as kits,
rewards, access to
dungeons and much more, the VIPS ranks will be able to rank up without any
problem, we have designed a system with which VIPS players cannot lose rank when rankup

📕 Prestiges

By killing hostile and peaceful entities, players will obtain a level with which they can prestige, these prestige allow players to get
money, keys and exclusive titles at the time of prestige, remember to use the BattleLevels add-on for this to work

⚔️ Jobs

The server has the jobs plugin, this will allow players to choose a job to their liking, we have added a menu of improvements with which players can acquire a higher limit of jobs, as well as a night booster with which players They will get more money and points when doing their work at this time, it is perfect for those players who play at night.















Latest updates

  1. UPDATE 1.18.1

    Update 1.18! We removed the command from (/bank) Player2Skills removed as they were causing...
  2. Fixed Deluxemenu/GuisPlus

    We fixed the problem of trade in the dungeon menu, due to some items not working correctly...
  3. Fix DailyRewards/Holograms/WorldGuard and Pl-hide

    We fixed translation issues that had multiple settings within reported folders

Latest reviews

The setup itself is very nice and has cool features. But i really hate the forcing to go to there discord to get a password. thats a big downside for me!

But neverless its a cool setup with perfect balance and nice gameplay.

What a pretty good setup, the support is amazing.

La traducción al español está muy limpia, y la atención del soporte está perfecta.

Sigan así.
Gracias :D
i love the setup but i can use some support
Excellent Setup <3 i use both English/Spanish Version both versions are well made i recommend it
Good Setup but can i have a discord invite link?
really good setup, do u have any support discord?
Great setup, I highly recommend it, it's very good, good support. He is very friendly!
The english translations are terrible, This setup is not suited for use on a networked server as there is a full rankup system included. It's not bad if you are gonna use it strictly for 1 server.
I don't understand your problem!
Several buyers have implemented this setup in their networks and even their unique servers and have had no problems, regarding translation, you can gladly create a ticket in our discord and we will help you as much as possible, best regards!
10/10 , muy buena setup y el soporte igual
Download link doesn't work, I will change my rate when you fix it :)
Please enter our discord, remember that this error is from mc-market not from us
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