OPTIMAL SERVER .yml Optimisation AntiCheat & Clearlag AntiWDL & AntiBot For 1.16.4 1.0.3

The most optimal 1.16.4 server out there, improving performance by up to 100%

These files are the optimal files for any 1.16.4 server, regardless of the jar being used. These files were constructed from the regular 1.16.4 release of Paper Spigot.

What are you getting?
Anti WorldDownloader
AntiBot Plugin w/Config
Clearlag Plugin w/Config
Optimised Spigot.yml, Paper.yml, Bukkit.yml & Server.properties.
Removed Ticking from Villagers & Armor Stands
Reduced Entity Collision Limits
Disabled Thunder/Snow & Ice
Removed Player Push Interactions
A Functional 1.16.4 AntiCheat w/Config
Working AntiVPN Plugin
Illegal Stack & Exploit Remover
Book Exploit Fixes (Various)
Plugin Hider (/pl, /?: etc)
3 Months of Unlimited Support
Crop Growth 20% Slower
Mob Spawning 50%+ Slower
Spark for Accurate Timings Reports

Why do I need this?

As it stands, 1.16.4 servers have incredibly bad performance with higher playerbases. This hopes to resolve some of the issues which cause 1.16.4 servers to slow down the more players are present, such as reduced player object checks and less ticking of random entities. This will improve the quality of gameplay on your server, and should be a necessary addition for any server owner who does not have all this already.

Where can I get support?
You can get support through our official Discord, which is linked below. Other than this, you can PM me onsite, however responses might be slower than going through the Discord server.

Support may only be given for the most recent release, any prior releases with known bugs may be refused support, keep your files up-to-date.

Latest updates

  1. Optimal Server | 1.0.3

    Slight performance changes.
  2. Optimal Server | 1.0.2

    Further small optimisations.
  3. Optimal Server | 1.0.1

    Now officially supports 1.0.1. Changed some timings.
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