A plugin that gives your players access to a infinite storage for All or Selected items!
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mining storage
MineStorage allows your players to automatically add new items they pickup into an infinite storage module which they can later access and retrieve with the /mstorage command.

  • Store items automatically on break!
  • Use a Whitelist/Blacklist to limit the items allowed inside the MineStorage.
  • Players can set their own Filter to limit the items automatically put into storage!
  • You can use the players' own filter as the whitelist, so they need to set a filter before being able to use the storage.

- Open the MineStorage GUI
/mstorage filter - Add or remove a material to your personal pickup filter.

- Gives access to use the /mstorage command and to have items automatically put into the storage when picking them up.
mstorage.filter - Gives access to the /mstorage filter command.


Suggestions & Support

If you have anything you'd like to have added to the plugin, then don't hesitate to send me a PM and I'll see what I can do!

Find any bugs or something is just not working? Contact me ASAP and we'll work together to sort it out :)

Default downloaded versions are for 1.16.4. If you are in need of a version of this plugin for any other version, don't stress and just shoot me a message and I'll provide you with a version that fits your needs.
Alternatively, you can open the MineStorage.jar file and edit the plugin.yml file. Simply change the api-version: 1.16 to whatever non-legacy version you are using. If you are using < 1.13 then you can remove or comment the api-version option in the plugin.yml.

storage: # Storage Settings
  use-shopgui-sell: false # Set to true to allow players to sell items with middle click.
  use-auto-pickup: false # Set to true to automatically pickup allowed items.
  use-whitelist: false # Set to false to not use a whitelist and allow all items, or use a blacklist.
  use-blacklist: false # Set to true to use a blacklist, whitelist must be set to false.
  allow-non-stackables: false # Set to false to disallow items that can't be stacked from being put into the storage.
  only-allow-filtered: false # Set to true to only allow players to store items in their filter.
  whitelist: # List of Materials that can be automatically placed in the storage when picked up.
  blacklist: # List of Materials that can't be auotmatically placed in the storage when picked up.
  content-lore: # Lore list for items inside the storage.
  - ""
  - " &6&l* &eQuantity &7x%amount%"
  - " &6&l* &eWorth &a%worth%"
  - ""
  - "&7&o((&7 Left Click to &eWithdraw 1 item&7&o))"
  - "&7&o((&7 Right Click to &eWithdraw stack&7&o))"
  - "&7&o((&7 Shift Click to &eWithdraw all&7&o))"
  - "&7&o((&7 Middle Click to &bSell&7&o))"
  filter-lore: # Lore list for items inside the filter menu.
  - "&cRight click &8to remove"
  - "&8item from the filter"
  - ""
  - "&c&lNB! &8(Removing will sell"
  - "&8all items of that material)"
  - ""
legacy: false # TRUE if using < 1.13 version, otherwise false.
debug: false # Set to true to enable debug messages.
message: # Messages
  item-sold: "You've sold %amount%x %item% for %price%." # Message sent when selling with middle click.

Terms of Service:
- You will not share/resell this plugin. We will take legal action against that.
- You will not decompile this plugin. We will take legal action against that.
- You will not share the source of this plugin. We will take legal action against that.
- Purchase is final. No refunds. We will take legal action against that.
- If you share any copy of MineStorage with someone, your license may not work any longer and you won't be able to use MineStorage properly. We can prove a violation of these rules.

Latest updates

  1. Fixed Bug

    Fixed bug that happened when withdrawing items from storage.
  2. Storage stack amount changed

    0.0.4 - Made items in storage only be 1 item per type.
  3. Made %worth% display the correct value

    0.0.3 - Made %worth% display value of full amount instead of being capped at 64. Fixed potential...



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