(Forge+Plugins Setup(1.12.2) Perfect setup for pixelmon reforged) v0.9

Forge and plugins 1.12.2 100% Optimized Perfect for pixelmon server or modpack server



Setup Forge+Plugins 1.12.2

Do you want to create a server with mods compatible with spigot plugins? in version 1.12.2 But you don't have the knowledge or the patience to do it, here we have your solution. This setup which uses mohist is fully configured to use mods and plugins, perfect for pixelmon or tecnichlauncher servers.


  • Compatible 1.12.2 Mods
  • Pixelmon Economy Fixed For Reforged
  • Pixelmon Sidemods Compatible
  • Combine Forge+PaperSpigot.
  • Much more optimized than sponge
  • Compatible with spigot or bukkit plugins
  • Permissions Full (Just add the mods permissions)
  • Optimized, anticheat, antilag, antiddos.
  • Ranks: Owner-Admin-Mod-Builder-Helper-Member-Vip1-Vip2-Vip3
Essentials plugins full config like essentials, worldguard, world edit, shops, multiversecore, antilag, Permissions, Quests And more.


How to play?
As simple as adding the mods you want to use to the mods folder and you're done, run the server and enjoy

Recommended For Pixelmon Server


Contact me on discord if you need support


Latest updates

  1. Royal Team

    Pixelmon Spawn Added As optional Some plugins updated Mohist updated.
  2. Royal Team

    Essentials Permissions Added MODS+PLUGINS 1.12.2 Perfect for pixelmon or modpack or tecnic launcher.
  3. Royal Team

    Mohist updated Some errors was fixed 2 New shops was added: Survival Shop, Nether Shop.
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