Trial One: Dream's Challenge 2021-01-21

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based off of the YouTuber, modfies vanilla mobs
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This is a simple, extremely lightweight plugin I have made based off of the YouTuber Dream. He made a video where he talks about his challenges people request of him for his speed runs. My friends and I wanted to replicate the speed run so I made this plugin to keep Minecraft vanilla while simply making mobs spawn as way more dangerous!

Mobs that spawn differently:
  1. Zombies now have full diamond armor and a netherite axe.
  2. Skeletons now slowly glide when falling, and have decent speed upgrades.
  3. Creepers are charged
  4. Endermen are insanely speedy
  5. Spiders have high regeneration
How this works: I simply use a listener to listen for a mob spawn event, and if it is one of those 5 vanilla mobs, customize the mob as described.

Future to do:
  • Config file for turning on/off chosen mobs
  • Make mobs have external features i.e. make mobs do something unique
  • Change path finder
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