OmiHealth [1.8 - 1.16+] v1.2.9

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Adds extra hearts and health upgrades to Minecraft! Perfect for Survival & RPG servers!
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OmiHealth is a powerful yet lightweight plugin designed to add a lot more
health options to the default Minecraft! This plugin is perfect for survival
or RPG servers. There is an added item, the Health Upgrade which if
the player manages to get the items together to make and consume,
it will give the player a permanent extra heart to keep them safe!

(The maximum amount of health any player can have is 60.)

You can also change the crafting recipe of the Health Upgrade item to be
whatever you like! Just go into the config once you've loaded the plugin
on your server and change the items in the Crafting Recipe section.
Make the recipe as hard or as easy to obtain as you like!

The default reset hp amount when you use the "/omihealth reset <player>"
command can now be changed to whatever you like from the config! If
your server's default amount is different to Minecraft's default amount (20)
you can just change it in the config and it should work with other plugins!


You can now set the Health Upgrade item to be whatever you want in
the config! once the plugin is installed properly, change the "upgrade-item"
in the config to whatever item you'd like and type '/oh reload' in-game!

Put the OmiHealth.jar into your server's plugins folder, restart your server
to load the plugin up, go into the config and change the other options
to whatever you like, then do "/omihealth reload" on your server

to initiate the changes you made in the config!


/omihealth, /ohealth, or /oh - Issues the main command for OmiHealth.
omihealth.* (to be able to use all of the OmiHealth commands & abilities.)

omihealth.maxhp.20 (to be able to gain health up to 20, which is 1 row of hearts - the default amount.)
omihealth.maxhp.40 (to be able to gain health up to 40, which is 2 rows of hearts.)
omihealth.maxhp.60 (to be able to gain health up to 60, which is 3 rows of hearts.)

NOTE: A maxhp permission node is essential for a player to be able to use the Health Upgrade item.

/omihealth gethp <player> - Shows the current HP of the player.
omihealth.gethp (to be able to use the /omihealth gethp command.)

/omihealth sethp <player> <amount> - Sets the max HP of the player.
omihealth.sethp (to be able to use the /omihealth sethp command.)

/omihealth addhp <player> <amount> - Adds the specified amount of health to the player's maximum HP.
omihealth.addhp (to be able to use the /omihealth addhp command.)

/omihealth removehp <player> <amount> - Removes the specified amount of health from the player's maximum HP.
omihealth.removehp (to be able to use the /omihealth removehp command.)

/omihealth item <player> <amount> - Gives the Health Upgrade item(s) to the player.
omihealth.item.get (to be able to use the /omihealth item commands.)

omihealth.item.use (to be able to consume the Health Upgrade item.)

/omihealth reset <player> - Resets the HP of the player back to default.
omihealth.reset (to be able to use the /omihealth reset command.)

/omihealth help - Brings up the help page. (to be able to use the help command.)

/omihealth reload - To reload the OmiHealth config.yml
omihealth.reload (to be able to use the reload command.)

If you have any problems, questions or suggestions about
this plugin, please feel free to contact me, and make sure to
leave a review, it helps me out a lot!;)

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