(Naruto Jutsus +300 Jutsus (1.12.2) Magic Spells Config Naruto For Naruto Server) 0.7

Naruto Jutsus Magic Spell +300 Jutsus Perfect for naruto server

Naruto Jutsus Magic Spells
With this configuration you can easily create a Naruto style server, there are more than 300 fully editable jutsus.


  • Created with magic spells
  • More than 500 Jutsus
  • Easy to edit
  • More than 10.000 lines of code
  • Most of the jutsus of the anime are included
1.There are more than 500 jutsus, some are in English and others in Spanish and need to be translated i mean the name of each jutsu.
2.Don't buy this resource if you don't know what magic spells are or how to configure it.


  • Magic Spells
  • PlaceholderAPI
  • EffectLib








Contact me on discord if you need support


Latest updates

  1. Royale Team

    Some bugs with some spells and particles get fixed
  2. Royale Team

    Some bugs fixed and some new jutsus
  3. Royal Team

    20 Jutsus fixed particles.

Latest reviews

Just great ! I still can't figure out how someone can leave a bad review on this plugin.
There are a lot of jutsus (well over 300), only the names of the jutsus are in Spanish (so it's pretty easy to translate if you want) and the jutsus work perfectly.
In addition, apart from the quantity (since there are dojutsus spells, kekkai genkai, katon, suiton ...), we must also talk about the quality of these jutsus ! Indeed, whether basic or complex jutsus (Chibaku Tensei, the Phoenix Sage Fire ...), they are all really beautiful and emphasize even more the immersion in the Naruto universe.
Finally, jutsus that don't exist in the anime have also been added to expand our arsenal of spells ! Honestly, nothing bad to say about this plugin, he is perfect and really excellent compared to its price. Well done !
Royale Team
Royale Team
Most of the claimed Jutsus do not work no matter what you try. Beware, everything in this is just an addon to the MagicSpells plugin so that is super annoying. Also every single word is most likely in Spanish, and I mean everything, the configs, in game commands, everything, WHICH IS STATED ABSOLUTELY NO WHERE! I do not recommend this and I hope he responds to my DM's about a refund.
Royale Team
Royale Team
I have proof that it works correctly, you are not the first to buy this configuration, that you do not know how to install it or that you want to get away with getting the configuration for free is something else, I should be annoying because you buy a config and give a 1 star review, arguing that nothing works just because you don't know how to configure it.
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