MadScrolls | Perform commands in a fancy way(s) 1.0

Three different types of scrolls that can perform commands based on conditions you specify.
Highly customizable plugin that allows you attach commands and potions to items and specify requirements to use them. Each scroll can contain multiple commands/potions with PlaceholderAPI placeholders and every command can be executed from console or as (op) player. There is 3 types
of scrolls and every type used in their own way. Plugin comes with a few predefined
scrolls to demonstrate what you can do with it:

- Teleport Scroll: Get in hands and right click to save your current location, now you can use left click to get teleport to this location 3 times.

- Save Scroll: Store in inventory, because it can teleport you to spawn if will you fell into void.

- Witch Scroll: Will apply damage on any entity or player that will attack you with potion.
Just hold in inventory to use.

  • Highly customizable.
  • Conditions system to create item requirements.
  • Full support for PlaceholderAPI.
  • Multi layered cooldowns.
  • Perform commands as console, op and player.
  • Scrolls can be used multiple times.
  • Three types of scrolls with their own use way.
  • Target system.

Commands & Permissions:
/scrolls give <player> <scroll> (amount) - Give scroll to player.
/scrolls reload - Reload plugin.

scrolls.spellimmune - Prevent using scrolls against player.
scrolls.admin - Admin permission.


Terms of Service:
  • All support is given on this site only.
  • By purchasing plugin you automatically agree to these terms.
  • You cannot decompile plugin unless you have buyed SRC.
  • You are not allowed to distribute this plugin in any way.
  • Terms of service may be subject to change.
  • Do not ask for support or report bugs in reviews.
  • You can use plugin only for your network/server.
  • No refunds, no chargebacks.

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