Galactic Fishing Unique and Optimized Fishing Plugin | In-Game Editor | 1.8 | $10 StellarDev 1.0.2

Galactic Fishing adds a new feel to fishing for your players.
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What is Galactic Fishing?

Galactic Fishing adds a new feel to fishing for your players. Galactic Fishing promotes faster gameplay which is key for a lot of 1.8 gamemode. If that fast gameplay isn't for you, you can adapt the plugin to fit your needs.

/fishing toggle » Toggle wether or not you recieve fishing reward messages.

/fishing shop » Sell fish that you caught during The Biggest Catch Event.

/fishing join » Join the Biggest Catch Event

/fishing leave » Leave the Biggest Catch Event.

/fishing reload » reload the config and rewards yml.

/fishing start » Start the Biggest Catch Event.

/fishing partyvoucher (player) (hours:minutes:seconds) » Give a player a party voucher for 2x reward chance!'

/fishing partystart (hours:minutes:seconds) » Start a fishing party for 2x fishing reward chance!

/fishing addreward (reward-name) (chance [1-100]) command (command without /) » add a command fishing reward!

/fishing addreward (reward-name) (chance [1-100]) item » add an item to the fishing rewards!

/fishing removereward (reward-name) » remove a reward from the fishing rewards!

/fishing addeventreward (reward-name) (chance [1-100]) command (command without /) » add a command reward to the biggest catch event rewards!

/fishing addeventreward (reward-name) (chance [1-100]) item » add an item to the the biggest catch event rewards!'

/fishing removeeventreward (reward-name) » remove a the biggest catch event reward!​


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Latest updates

  1. Thanks ~ StellarDev

    **Galactic Fishing Update** `Ver 1.0.2` ``` - Changed the command to /gfishing instead of...
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