Omega Mobcoins Ultimate Mobcoins Solution Infinite Shops Configurable Chances & Amounts 1.6-SNAPSHOT

A mobcoins plugin with constantly expanding features.
Omega Mobcoins is one of the ultimate mobcoin plugins on the market, with extensive development and a large and expanding feature set. We pride ourselves on coding highly efficient plugins, as well as allowing as many possibilities as possible. We have made every small element of this plugin fully configurable.

This plugin is receiving frequent plugin-changing updates every few days or so. If you want to get a feature implemented into the plugin, let us know at our Discord:

  • Configurable Max Mobcoins
  • Configurable Mob Drops (Chances/Amounts)
  • Withdrawable & Tradable Tokens
  • Unlimited Shops in a fully customisable GUI
  • Obtain mobcoins from farming & mining blocks
  • (Coming Soon) Sounds & Particle Effects
  • (Coming Soon) MySQL/SQLite/MongoDB Support
  • (Coming Soon) Booster Gems to provide temporary boosters.
  • Fishing event to obtain mobcoins through fishing.
  • Permission based chance & amount improvements
  • (Coming Soon) Rotations & rotating items in the shop, infinite configurable rotations & item sets.
  • (Coming Soon) Leaderboards to allow players to compete
  • (Coming Soon) GUI to sell your mobcoins for other currencies.
  • PlaceholderAPI Support
    • %omegamobcoins_balance%
    • %omegamobcoins_balanceformatted%
  • MVDWPlaceholderAPI Support
    • {omegamobcoins_balance}
    • {omegamobcoins_balanceformatted}
    • Balance formatting turns numbers like 100,000 to 100k.
  • (Coming Soon) Physical Token Drops
  • Command to Pay other Players Tokens
  • (Coming Soon) Ingame Editor for All Options
  • Balanced and reliable configurations
  • Default Token Amounts (Starting balances)
  • Customisable and flexible configurations
  • Lightweight & Lag Free
  • Unlimited Support + Requested Feature Additions
If you're looking to ask questions regarding the Omega Series in general, or just Mobcoins, please join our Discord:

This is also the main place to obtain support, however support can be obtained on MCM when the plugin has been purchased.


We have a few screenshots of how our plugin works:




There are no required dependencies for this plugin.

Optional Dependencies:
  • PlaceholderAPI
  • MVdWPlaceholderAPI

Latest updates

  1. OmegaMobcoins | SNAPSHOT-1.6

    Improved data handling so that data is preserved on reloads/crashes.
  2. OmegaMobcoins | SNAPSHOT-1.5

    Added permission based chance & mobcoin boosters. Added fishing event for obtaining mobcoins.
  3. OmegaMobcoins | SNAPSHOT-1.4

    Added /mobcoins pay command & messages in messages.yml Edited help message to reflect new...

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