FullJoin Bypass the server limit! 1.1

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Give your players permission to join on your full server! (VIP)

What is FullJoin?

► By pass the server limit ◄

FullJoin let's those VIP players of yours you could say, bypass the server slot number count limit. This plugin requires executing no commands at all, just give them the permission! This plugin is really useful for server donation if you want the players on your server to purchase access to join when it is full.

► Permission ◄

fulljoin.use - Access to join the server when full

This plugin does not provide any commands in fact that this is server slot bypass for any players in the server allowed access

► Contact ◄

Skype: facebook:zachmelv
G-mail: [email protected]
PM: Link Here
Discord: TappedGraphics™#9382

► Servers ◄

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Versions: 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x

This does NOT support Sponge or BungeeCord Servers
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