Small City: Minigames/KitPvP Map [150x100] 1.0

Map with custom buildings and a small village.
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  1. World
city kitpvp minigames

Small City, take to new heights for your server's gameplay.
This is a very simple build of a 150x100 city, including a small village as well as modern buildings. The main street runs through the middle of the island.


◎ 150x100 in size, built and designed for performance.
◎ 6 Total Modern Buildings on the map.
◎ 5 Total Rustic Village Buildings on the map.
◎ Many open areas and closed-off areas.
◎ Detailed interiors as well as empty ones.



Using this Map for a Server? My recommendations to use this map would be for the following game modes or mini-games.
◎ KitPvP
◎ Mob Arena
◎ TNT Tag
◎ Duels
◎ Capture the Flag
◎ RPG Area

Have questions about this map? Contact me through Discord, @danieŁ#2009.
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