xTags | The all NEW tags plugin Unlimited tags FlatFile/MongoDB/MySQL 1.0.1

The only tags plugin you'll ever need

is the all new FULLY CONFIGURABLE TAGS PLUGIN, which will make a perfect fit for your server!

This plugin will be actively maintained for the foreseeable future, and all puchases come with lifetime updates. Questions? Feel free to join https://discord.gg/C2DBJaFrme and open up a ticket!

Want to try before you buy? Feel free to ask!

Price (JAR): $7.50 PayPal | $5 BTC or Crypto (Join the discord to receive your license)
Price (Source): Contact Invis#0010 on discord!
Support Discord: https://discord.gg/C2DBJaFrme

Latest updates

  1. NPE Fix and license update

    - Updated to the new license system - Fix an NPE when a player logs out with no tag
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