[66% OFF] 3 SPAWN PACK | 2000x2000| 450 X 470 | 100x100 | INCLUDES FREE SURVIVAL SEUTP! 1.3

A bundle of 3 amazing spawns, ranging from extremely large to small!
This resource contains THREE amazing spawns, ranging from an extremely large 2000x2000 map to a small 100x100 spawn; this resource is great for all types of servers that will suit all budgets.

WAS £̶2̶9̶.̶9̶9̶
NOW £9.99

Upon purchase of this spawn pack, you'll also receive access to my SURVIVAL SETUP. This is a manual process so please allow up to 24 hours for you to receive it; however, in rare circumstances, it may take longer - if so, please open a PM with me.

This goes game for users who purchase my survival setup: they will receive access to this spawn pack for free. Both resources will be priced the same, so it's recommended to purchase the one you want the most since the license is given to you automatically, and then the other resource will be assigned manually within 24 hours.

I offer a test server for users to try out my survival setup and view the spawn pack.

Use command /Test to teleport to view the spawn pack.


Spawn 1: Small Castle Spawn
Size: 100x100
Description: Floating island spawn that contains an area for crates, shops, and NPCs. Also contains an open area for players to drop down from.


Spawn 2: Extremely Large Server Hub
Size: 2000x2000
This map is a large hub for the server. All buildings are located on a large continent and several islands. There is a palace, a port with ships, two markets, a mill, bridges and many houses. Despite the size of the map, it is quite detailed: there are waterfalls, beaches made of slabs, snow on the mountains is smoothed in layers, there are rocks and bushes in the forests. We also used our own trees, which increases the uniqueness of the map. Of the functional things, there is a spawn point and places for NPCs, and what else will be needed is easy to add yourself.

We should also say about the quality: it is at the highest level. There are no places here where you could get through the blocks; there are no lighting bugs that can occur when filling large spaces with blocks (for example, water in the ocean); the foliage of the trees was replaced with a non-falling; the world is setup so that nothing can harm the map.

Spawn 3: Large Fantasy Spawn
Size: 450x470
Description: Large area that contains lots of islands, places to explore, crates, a portal, lots of trees, etc.




Latest updates

  1. Missing Chunk

    + Fixed a missing chunk in Spawn:3.
  2. Fixed Missing Chunks

    + Fixed two missing chunks in Spawn:3.
  3. Spawn1 Fix

    + Fixed empty world.

Latest reviews

Recived for free with Survival setup, but would defo be worth buying builds are Quallity.
Nice! Thank you for this :)
Amazing Spawns! Truly works of art, I love them all, thank you for the great [email protected]!
Thanks for the review!
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