SHOP CONFIG Clean & Simple! DeluxeMenus 1.0.2

✦ Simple & Clean shop ✦

A simple and clean GUI Shop made with DeluxeMenus and ItemManager, Simply drag and drop in your plugin folders and its ready to be used by your players!

This setup is for Minecraft version: 1.16
You need DeluxeMenus and ItemManager for this setup to work. (which are free)

Support is provided through MCM and Discord if you need any help with the resource. JOIN HERE


Showcase with category descriptions (updated)

The prices have been set for a particular project.
I am not responsible for any economy based damages to your server using this resource.

Latest updates

  1. Spawner Shop Added

    Join the Discord for instructions on how to manually update your server. 【-=- NEW -=-】 Spawner...
  2. Minor update

    Added instructions to Read me file.
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