Ultimate Server Logs | Log server activity to Discord! | 19+ events | 1.1

Log server activity to a discord channels! Highly configurable and easy to setup!

Want to easily log server activity? Want to allow certain staff ranks/roles to access them? Don't want to use a hard to read .txt file for logs? Then you need Ultimate Server Logs!

Ultimate Server Logs is a Discord bot and a script that logs server activity and posts them to a discord channel or channels if you want to organise server logs. You can then easily find a specific log using Discord search feature and you can use Discord permissions to allow certain people/roles to view them!​


  • Fully configurable
  • Self-hosted on your server (No need for Discord bot hosting)
  • Easy to setup (Under 5-10 minutes)
  • Performance Friendly

Vannila (out of the box):
  • Chat log
  • Player's first join
  • Player's normal join
  • Player's leave
  • Player commands
  • Console commands
  • Death Logs
  • Gamemode change logs
  • World change logs
  • Sign place/edit logs
  • Spawner place logs
  • Spawner break logs
  • Spawner upgrade logs
EssentialsX (requires 2.19.0-dev+29 or higher):
  • Nick change logs
  • Private message logs (/pm, /r ect.)
  • Kit claim logs
  • Minion placement logs
  • Buy logs
  • Sell logs
Want me to support a plugin that you want to get logged or an action/activity? I'm open to suggestions. More complex logs might require a commision.

Busy or lazy to setup this plugin? No problem! For a small fee, I can setup this plugin for you! Contact me on discord regarding a quote: YTD Support#9584

Step 1: Installing 'Ultimate Server Logs' and dependencies
1.) Download Skript for 1.8: https://github.com/Matocolotoe/Skript-1.8/releases/download/2.5.3/Skript.jar
2.) Download sk-mirror: https://skripttools.net/dl/skript-mirror+2.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
3.) Download Vixio: https://skripttools.net/dl/Vixio+2.0.7.jar
4.) Copy all 3 jars to your plugins folder and the folder 'Skript' to your plugins folder
5.) Start/restart your server
1.) Download Skript: https://github.com/SkriptLang/Skript/releases/download/2.5.3/Skript.jar
2.) Download sk-mirror: https://skripttools.net/dl/skript-mirror+2.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
3.) Download Vixio: https://skripttools.net/dl/Vixio+2.0.7.jar
4.) Copy all 3 jars to your plugins folder and the folder 'Skript' from 'Ultimate Server Logs' rar file to your plugins folder
5.) Start/restart your server

Step 2: Setting up Discord bot
1). Go to https://discordapp.com/developers/applications/me and Click "New Application"
2). Give the bot a Name under "APP NAME" then in the bottom right click "Create Application"
3). After doing so you should see your new application, now under "'APP DETAILS" click 'Create a Bot User"
4). Click "Yes, do it" on the confirmation screen
5). Under "APP BOT USER" find "Token" and click "Click to reveal" and copy the token (paste this token somewhere safe as you will need it later)
7). Invite the bot to your guild by getting the "Client ID" at the very top of the page and copy it
8 ). With the Client ID take this link: https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=XXXXXXXXX&scope=bot&permissions=0and replace all of the X'S with your Client Id

Step 3: Enabling Discord Developer mode
If you knows what Discord Developer mode is and you are sure it's enabled, skip to Step 4, if you are unsure what Discord Developer mode is or how to enable it, follow these steps.
1). Go to "User Settings" in Discord
2). Click on "Advanced" under "App Settings"
3). Make sure "Developer Mode" is enabled if it's not already

Step 4: Settings up and configurating Ultimate Server Logs:
1.) Restart the server (importand!!!)
2.) Go to plugins>Skript>scripts and open "config"
3.) Under Options>token, replace the "xxx" with the token from Step 2 Part 5

You are done setting up! Now you can configurate the plugin! You can now edit Discord bot status and timestamp if you wish. To enable a log, you need to replace the "0" under "xxxChannel" to a discord channel ID, to do so, right click a text channel you wish to be used for a log, and click "Copy ID" from the bottom.

if you don't see "Copy ID", follow Step 3: Enablind Discord developer mode.

Now replace the 0 with the channel ID:

You can use seperate channels for each log or you can replace the 0 with a single channel ID for all logs you want to be enabled. To disable a log, simply set the channel ID to "0", this will disable that log.

You can now restart the server and you should see logs starting to get sent to the discorc channel!









This is just some of the log examples, this script has a lot more!

I can answer pre-purchase questions in the 'discussion' section. I can provide support in Support Discord PMs. Discord: YTD Support#9584

Latest updates

  1. Added AdvancedSpawner support

    - Added AdvancedSpawner logs - Added version string to config file to assist with...


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