Deluxe Menu Prison Warp GUI 3 Themes, 26 Global Mines, 6 Donator Mines V1.0

Custom and advanced warp GUI for your prison server!
✨ Deluxe Menu Prison Warp GUI ✨


  • 3 Different themes
  • 4 Global warps
  • 26 Normal Mine Warps
  • 6 Donator Mine Warps

Required Plugins:

INSTALLATION (You can also read the READ ME.txt file!)
  1. Download the .rar from this site.
  2. Make sure you got all the required plugins in the server
  3. Open the config.txt file.
  4. Copy whats inside and paste this in your deluxemenus config.yml and save.
  5. Add the files of the theme you want to use
  6. Add the rank names in the donowarps.yml file and save (don't forget to set the warp + permission as well. If it doesn't work let me know and i will help you!)
  7. Restart the server and enjoy :)


Make sure to read the TOS before buying! Whenever you purchase this product you automatically agree to the TOS!
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Latest reviews

Great menu! Very happy with it, great guy, great resource
Thank you very much :)
Awesome Deluxemenus config for a Warp gui it instantly fitted my servers color theme without any moddification and when i had an issue he responded really fast and got it fixed :)
Thanks for purchasing the configuration and I'm happy that its working now! :)
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