JailStickPlus [1.12.2 - 1.18.x], Simply the best Police Plugin 1.2.2

Advanced but easy to use Police Plugin. Highly configurable!

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JailStickPlus is an Advanced, user-friendly, smart and quite light-weight Police plugin.

These are most of the features that make this plugin Awesome for you:

    • Supports Multiple Jails (Different worlds supported as well)
    • You can choose the jail by right-clicking the jailstick while on duty: This plugin has a Jail-Switcher feature which allows you to switch among the jails so you can choose any jail at any time. You can easily switch jail by right-clicking with the jailstick in your main hand.
    • Supports Multiple Reasons: This plugin has a Reason-Switcher feature so you can choose among the reasons of your reasons list (You can choose the reason easily by scrolling them with shift+right-click while holding the jailstick in your main hand). You can also set the reason to none by shift+left-clicking with the jailstick in your main hand (can be disabled). For example if you want to jail a player for Murder and you don't want to type it, you can simply create a reason for it like this: /reason add Murder (<-- Name of the reason) <Between the Reason Name and the Reason Description you can eventually put a number. that number will be the jail time in seconds of the player that you jail with the reason "Murder" chosen, instead of the default one set in the config.yml file - for more info read the JailStickPlus' 1.0.2 update note in the "updates" section > &9Player Murder (<-- Reason Description [SUPPORTS COLOR CODES]). Let me show you a picture so you may understand it better:

    • Built-In police chat with configurable chat format

    • Configurable Cooldown and mechanics for the jailstick. A cooldown for Your jailstick will make your server's jail system Accuracy based. This will prevent cops from being able to jail people by just spamming their jailstick. (this can be disabled in the config.yml file)
    • Wanted Players: this will allow cops to let targetted players know that they're wanted and also helps with preventing cops from jailing the wrong player since JailStickPlus will check each time a player is about to get jailed (this can be disabled in the config.yml file) if the player is wanted or not
    • You can release a player any time even if they're offline
    • If the server restarts, jailed players won't be unjailed, JailStickPlus will store their remaining jail time. This will prevent players from escaping jail because of a restart.
    • You can choose if making jailed players invulnerable
    • You can choose if letting cops drop, pick up items or hit players
    • You can choose if letting Jailed players drop, pick up, execute commands, destroy blocks, hit cops or hit each other

    • This plugin has a Built-in Tracker that can help cops to track wanted Players. You can right click the compass while tracking someone to know the distance between you and your target.
    • Wanted players can be displayed in a GUI
    • You can set a Custom duty equipment
    • Players with a certain permission can execute /duty so they can go on duty and this will replace their inventory with the duty kit set by the command /setduty and they will receive their previous Inventory back as soon as they go off duty (by always executing duty). this is completely safe to use, cops won't lose their Inventory by quitting, by being kicked, by being killed or because of a restart. To be even more sure My plugin has a /jrestore command that restores a cop's lost Inventory, With my plugin you have nothing to be worried about!
    • This plugin has a duty alerter: The duty alerter is a message that will be displayed on the action bar and will remind cops that they're on duty (this can be disabled)
    • Smart: when a player executes /duty, JailStickPlus will detect each stick of the duty kit and will automatically set the jail to the first jail of your server. so if you have the following jails: jail1, jail2, jail3, jail1 will be set as jail (No jails will be set if there aren't jails set), if you want to choose another you can always switch jail by right-clicking with the stick in your main hand
    • Almost every message and feature in this plugin is configurable
Every cop will have their own chosen jail (there can be more than 1 player with the same chosen jail but if a player switches to another jail the other players won't be affected, so each Jail-Switcher is individual). The reasons work the same way.

After a jail the cop's reason will be set to null so they may have to set it again

The remaining Jail time of a player doesn't change when a player quits, it means that when a player quits from the server the remaining jail time will be the same and won't stop or be reset when a jailed player rejoins. if they don't join back during the jail period they will be released while being offline.

the char '$' is unsupported in the reasons

You don’t necessarily need a reason set to jail a player however the jail is always needed.

Online jailed players on release will be teleported to the location they were jailed from. Even after a restart the location they will be teleported to when they get released will be the location they were jailed from.

to make a player unjailable just give to that player the permission: jailstick.bypass

List of commands with their permissions

/duty - to go on or off duty. permission: jailstick.police

/duty <player> - to force another player to go on or off duty. permission: jailstick.dutyothers

/setduty - to set the duty kit. permission: jailstick.admin

Alias for /setduty: /sd

/setjail <jail name> - will set a jail to your current location (will eventually replace them if the jail already exists). permisison: jailstick.admin
Alias for /setjail: /sj

/deljail <jail name> - will delete the specified Jail. permission: jailstick.admin
Alias for /deljail: /dj

/jails - will display the jails. permission: jailstick.jails

/reason add <reason name> <reason description> - will add a reason with its description (the part that will be displayed) to the reasons list. permission: jailstick.admin
Alias for /reason: /rs , /jr

/reason remove <reason name> - will remove a reason from the reasons list. permission: jailstick.admin
Alias for /reason: /rs , /jr

/reason setbail <Reason name> <Price of the bail> - to set a bail price for a reason. If you set a bail price to a reason, jailed players will be able to pay the bail linked to that reason to be released! permission: jailstick.admin
Alias for /reason: /rs , /jr

/wanted add <Player> - will add the specified player to the wanted list. permission: jailstick.police
Alias for /wanted: /w

/wanted remove <Player> - will remove the specified player from the wanted list. permission: jailstick.police
Alias for /wanted: /w

/wanted check <Player> - will allow you to check if a player is wanted or not. permission: jailstick.police
Alias for /wanted: /w

/wantedlist - will open a gui with the wanted players (will be heads with the servers that run on 1.13 or above and compasses with the 1.12 servers). permission: jailstick.police
Alias for /wantedlist: /wl , /wlist

/policechat - to turn on/off the polce chat. permission: jailstick.policechat
Alias for /policechat: /pc

/release - to release a jailed player. permission: jailstick.police
Alias for /release: /rl

/track <Player> - to track a player. permission: jailstick.track
Alias for /track: /t

/trackstop - to stop tracking your current target. permission: jailstick.track
Alias for /trackstop: /ts

/jailtime - to edit a jailed player's remaining jail time whenever you want, even if the player is offline. permission: jailstick.jailtime
Alias for /jailtime: /jt , /jtime

/911 <message> - to ask cops for help. permission: jailstick.911

/jrestore <player> -
command to restore a cop's lost inventory :) JailStickPlus is always step forward! Preventing is better than curing! permission: jailstick.admin

-New /jconfig command : This command will let you add commands that will be run from your console on the chosen event. for example:
/jconfig addcommand onduty shout &ahello world, this command will run in the console the command : "shout &ahello world" each time someone runs successfully /duty. the commands that you can run are infinite and you can easily delete them anytime thanks to JailStickPlus's tab completers that will guide you to the removal of the commands. to remove a command you simply /jconfig removecommand onduty <index> , if there are commands set for the event "onduty" jailstickplus will show the list of the commands and next to each command there will be its index. permission: jailstick.jconfig

-Stats: /jstats will show the stats of a player and /jstats <Player Name> will show the specified player's stats. JailstickPlus will keep track of: The number of times you go jailed, the Number of Cops you killed and if you're a cop (to be a cop you need the permission jailstick.police) it will keep track of the times you died while being on duty and your average accuracy with the jailstick. permission: jailstick.statsothers

/jehelp - for a list of commands. Does not require permissions since it will display only the commands that the Player executing the command has access to.

/jmode - switches bwtween advanced/simple jailing system - permission: operator

/setcuffs - will set the item you're holding as handcuffs - permission: jailstick.admin

/uncuff - will uncuff the last player you have cuffed - permission: won't do anything if the player hasn't cuffed anyone

/setrelease - will set the location where you're standing as release location - permission: jailstick.admin

/unsetrelease - will delete the previously set release location - permission: jailstick.admin

/frisk - will open your target's inventory to frisk them - permission: jailstick.frisk

/jailemergencymode - to put the plugin into its emergency mode, which will basically disable it. permission: this command needs operator

/911 - to request help to the on-duty cops online. permission: jailstick.911

/paybail - to quickly pay the bail linked to the reason you were jailed for. permission: no permission requir

Get started:

  1. Set Your duty kit (remember to include a stick)
  2. Set your jail with /setjail <jail name>
  3. Make sure you have a jail set (check the jailstick's name) and eventually set a reason too (With shift+right-click while holding the jailstick).
  4. Add the wanted player to the wanted list (if required)
  5. You're ready to jail criminals!

is that easy

For any issue, bug or feature suggestion you can find me on discord: ecry#2937

Planning to add:

    • Your suggestions...?

Default Configuration:

prefix: '&8[&9Police&8]&r'

#in seconds :
jailtime: 300


#Some of the placeholders can be used only in certain messages, except for %prefix%, it can be used everywhere

#Those are all custom placeholders which don't have nothing to do with PlaceholderAPI
jail-message: '%prefix% &b%player% Has been jailed!'

#/setjail command message
setjail-message: '%prefix% &e Jail location set!&r'

#the message that players will see when a cop goes on duty
duty-on-message: '%prefix% &6%player% is now on duty!'

#the message that players will see when a cop goes off duty
duty-off-message: '%prefix% &a%player% is not on duty anymore!'

#the command that will appear when jailed players will try to run commands
#note: this won't appear if allow-jailed-to-command is true
jailed-command-message: '%prefix% &c You are jailed, you can not run commands!'

#note: this won't appear if allow-jailed-to-break-blocks is set to true
jailed-destroyblock-message: '%prefix% &c You are jailed, you can not break blocks!'

#release message, the message that will appear when you /release player
release-message: '%prefix% &a%player% Has been released!'

jail-switch-message: '%prefix% &a successfully switched jail to : %JailName%'

reason-switch-message: '%prefix% &a successfully switched reason to: %ReasonName%'

track-message: '%prefix% &cthe distance between you and your target is : %distance%'

stopped-tracking-message: '%prefix% &cyou stopped tracking your target!'

already-tracking-message: '%prefix% &cyou are already tracking someone! /trackstop to stop tracking them and track another target'

#if you set this to false /track, /wantedlist and other tools to track the players won't be enabled
enable-tracking-feature: true

#in seconds :
#put 0 to disable
stick-cooldown-time: 3

#tracking message cooldown time (when you right-click the compass)
#put 0 to disable
#in seconds:
track-message-time: 3

#you want cops to enter in cooldown when they jail someone?
#this will make the cooldown more accurate but could be annoying if the policeman has to jail more people at the same time
enter-in-cooldown-after-jail: true

#allow cops to drop the items?
#put this to false if you DON'T want cops to drop items
allow-drop: false

#allow cops to pickup items?
#put this to false if you DON'T want cops to pickup items
allow-pickup: false

#do you want your jailed players to be invulnerable?
make-jailed-players-invulnerable: false

#do you want jailed players to be able to hit each other?
allow-jailed-to-hit-each-other: false

#do you want cops to be able to hit players?
#this WILL NOT work as long as policemen is holding a stick (because it means that they are jailing someone)
allow-cops-to-hit-players: true

#do you want jailed players to be able to hit cops?
allow-jailed-to-hit-cops: false

#I suggest you to keep this true to avoid jailing the wrong players
#disabling this won't disable the /wanted command
require-wanted-to-jail: true

#this will allow cops to set their reason to null when they shift+left-click with the stick
shift-left-click-to-clear-the-reason: true

#self explanatory
#the remaining jail time will be showed to the jailed players through action bar titles
show-remaining-time-to-jailed-players: true

#this will be useless if show-remaining-time-to-jailed-players is set to false
#the placeholder %timer% will work only for this message
remaining-time-message: '%prefix% &aRemaining jail time: &e %timer%'

#the placeholder %reason% will work only for this message
reason-message: '&cJailed for: %reason%'

#you want the cooldown messages to be displayed?
cooldown-messages-enabled: true

#this won't be used if 'cooldown-message-enabled' is set to false
#where you want the cooldown messages to be?
#type 'chat' if you want them to be displayed on the chat, type 'actionbar' if you want them to be displayed on the Action Bar
cooldown-messages: 'actionbar'

#this won't be used if 'cooldown-message-enabled' is set to false
#message that will be displayed when the player's cooldown ends
#supports %prefix% placeholder
out-of-cooldown-message: '&ayou are no longer in cooldown!'

#this won't be used if 'cooldown-message-enabled' is set to false
#message that will be displayed when the player tries to jail someone but that player is in cooldown
#supports %prefix% placeholder
in-cooldown-message: '&cyou are in cooldown!'

#want cops to be able to /release all so they can release whoever is jailed?
enable-release-all: true

#want to allow jailed players to be able to run commands?
allow-jailed-to-command: false

#want jailed players to be able to pick up items?
allow-jailed-to-pickup: false

#want jailed players to be able to drop items?
allow-jailed-to-drop: false

#same thing as the commands but this is for blocks, you want your prisoners to be able to break blocks?
allow-jailed-to-destroy-blocks: false

alert-cops-when-on-duty: true

alert-duty-message: '&9you are on duty!'

#this won't be used if 'alert-cops-when-on-duty' is set to false
#how many seconds should pass between each duty alert message?
#the value has to be bigger than 0
seconds-duty-alert: 10

no-permission-message: '&cNot enough permissions!'

#chat formatting
police-chat-format: '%prefix% %CopName% : %message% '

#when a player uses /track the target could be in a different world than the player's, want the players who used /track to know in which world the target is?
show-world-of-tracked-target: true








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Good support. This plugin is very important for my server and i am happy that it exists.
Excellent Plugin! Exactly what I was looking for! Friendly Developer and a well coded and simple to use but advanced plugin!
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