QUESTS V1.0 A Professional Quests Config 150+ Quests Multiple Categories V1.0.2

The best quests configuration on the market, featuring over 150 quests.

This is a Quests configuration for the Quests plugin by LMBishop. The link to this plugin can be found in the dependencies section of this resource. This configuration functions on both the 1.12.2 versions as well as the most recent version (1.16.5).

This configuration was not meant to be used on legacy versions 1.8-1.16.X. However, the config will likely work anyway, as there aren't any major incompatibilities. We will provide support for more modern versions if asked.


This configuration features numerous different quests types, which can be broken down into the following categories:
  • Mining [20+ quests]
  • Farming [30+ quests]
  • Hunting [15+ quests]
  • Challenge [3+ quests]
  • Animal [8+ quests]
  • Magic [4+ quests]
  • Playtime [3+ quests]
  • Fishing [3+ quests]
These quest categories are up-to-date as of release V1.0 main.


Q.) Can you port this to (x) quests plugin?
A.) Perhaps in the future, however this is not the current intent. If this is ported to new quests plugins it will be a separate resource.

Q.) I've found (x) bug how can I fix it?
A.) This depends, if it's a configuration issue we'll sort it and publish a config update. If it's a plugin issue we'll contact the plugin developer.

Q.) I'm looking to buy the config, is there a test server?
A.) We intend to put up a test server in the future, however this will only be done if the configuration gets some traction and is worth making a server to showcase.


Have a look at what you're buying before you buy it, it'll avoid any confusion. We are not responsible if you buy this product without viewing the screenshots beforehand.








For support and pre-purchase questions you can always refer to our Discord server. This is where we publish all updates to our plugin, as well as more detailed information about said updates.

If you wish to ask questions about the resource make a ticket within this Discord server.


Latest updates

  1. Quests | V1.0.2

    Language fixes.
  2. V1.0.1 | Bug Fixes

    Bug Fixes/Language Fixes
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