ASH - Official Premium Donation Store Theme - Dark/Light Mode Switch 1.0

The Best Donation Store theme with Dark/Light mode switcher

Ash is the first Official Donation Store Premium theme.

If you haven't seen, Donation Store is a Store Platform for Game Servers that allows you to setup a web store to sell virtual goods and services. It can be used through our free Cloud based version or Self Hosted. (Included with our premium plan or can be installed on our one click area)

To signup for our free Cloud based platform visit:

For more information on Donation Store and Donation Store Self Hosted please checkout our website:

Ash is the first Premium theme by Donation Store. What does that mean? We offer a theme that is always updated to reflect the latest features in Donation Store. We have built the template to showcase all features within Donation Store!

If you have any questions, please do reach out to us on our Discord!


  • Support for infinite categories
  • Fully responsive
  • Built in light/dark mode. Preference saved for each customer
  • Always updated
  • Built by Donation Store so best practices and optimisations always used
  • Using Donation Store's inbuilt "Comparison Category" Layout, you can build dynamic rank style tables




Latest reviews

I love the Dev, I love Donationstore, I've been using it for a little over a year and I'm so glad I invested in donationstore (And just now, this theme as well!)

Support them!
Mark Barrett
Mark Barrett
Thank you for the kind words <3
I've Owned DonationStore since v1, and have loved it. It provides the best solution for those of us that want to be responsible, or have to be responsible for our own data protection. The amount of time and effort that the Dev puts into the main product is amazing, and Purchasing this theme addon for v2 was just a logical next step, nothing is half done or partially working, what this is, is a well polished, and extremely amazing theme with a ton of flexibility!
Mark Barrett
Mark Barrett
Thank you <3
Hands down best self-hosted donation store software and theme for it. I'm using the donation store for almost more than a year now. And dev is very helpful and good with support. This theme works amazing with it. The theme has many features and especially dark mode...
And also the comparison chart system is +1...
Mark Barrett
Mark Barrett
Thank you so much for the kind words <3


Mark Barrett
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