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Simple, Smart and light-weight multiple-homes plugin [1.12.2 - 1.16.5]
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Simple and Smart Home plugin that supports multiple homes and also lets you put a limit to them.


    • DHA (Dynamic Home Adjustment) - Automatically adjusts homes when the limit is changed, so for example if a player has 6 homes set and the limit gets decreased to 3, the 4th, the 5th and the 6th home of that player will be automatically deleted by the plugin.
    • Supports multiuple homes
    • Home Signs - you can use a sign to teleport to your home! Just type on the first line of the sign "[HomeGo]" (this is not case sensitive) then type on the second line of the sign the home you want teleport to's name. (permission: homego.homesigns)
    • Supports different worlds - If a player sets their home in the main world and wants to reach it from another world such as the nether, they can do that!
    • home-limit editable from the config.yml file (you can disable the limit by setting the value to 0 or lower)
    • timer before teleportation configurable in the config.yml file (you can disable the timer by setting the value to 0 or lower)
    • supports Vault Economy so you can set a price for the teleportations!
    • Most of the main messages can be edited!
    • easy to use!


    • /sethome <home name> sets a home on your location! Alias: /sh - permission: homego.set
    • /home <home name> teleports you to your home! Alias: /h - permission: homego.use
    • /delhome <homename> deletes a home! Alias: /dh - permission: homego.delete
    • /homes displays all your homes! Alias: /hl - permission: homes.use
    • /hstop stops a teleportation if executed during the teleportation timer Alias: /hs - permission: homego.use
    • /permlimit <permission name (without "homego.")> <home limit for the specified permission> - If you /permlimit vip(rank name) 5(home limit for the specified permission), if you give to a player the permission "homego.vip" that player will have a home limit set to 5. Alias: /pm - permission: homego.permlimit
    • /delpermlimit <permission name (without the "homego.")> - this will delete the specified permission set with "/permlimit" - Alias: /dpm , /dellimit - permission: homego.delpermlimit
make sure to have the Vault plugin in your server.
Tested on 1.12 and 1.16 so it should work perfectly with all the versions between 1.12 and 1.16.
You can follow my Instagram for plugin updates. Nick: ecry_developer
report me bugs or suggest me features i could add on discord (or by a private message on instagram). Discord name and tag ecry#2937

Any donation would be very appreciated
hope you enjoy HomeGO!

#put 0 or lower to disable
#in seconds
home-teleport-cooldown: 3

#the maximum number of homes a player can have, set it to 0 or lower to remove the limit
home-limit: 3

#price that players will pay when they execute /home - put 0 to disable
teleportation-price: 50
#you can type here your currency, any currency will work
currency: '$'

#usually your server name
prefix: '&8[&bHomeGO&8]&r '

#use %prefix% to add the prefix wherever you want

home-delete-message: '%prefix% &aHome deleted successfully!'
home-add-message: '%prefix% &aHome added successfully!'

#next to this there will be the countdown
#the %HomeName% string will work only for this message
teleportation-message: '%prefix% &aTeleporting to %HomeName% in: '#<- here there's going to be the countdown

teleportation-cancelled-message: '%prefix% &cTeleportation cancelled'

teleportation-completed message: '%prefix% &3Teleportation completed!'
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