CRAZYCRATES V1.1 A Professional Crates Config 5 Crates 120+ Rewards Different Types V1.1.1

A professional crazycrates configuration for multiple gamemodes.
This is a set of configuration files for the CrazyCrates plugin, this plugin was developed over the course of approximately 2 weeks for use in multiple types of servers. This configuration is mainly useful for survival/towny servers, however is applicable to Skyblock gamemodes.

This configuration is getting consistent content updates, with new crates and new items in crates. This configuration is also compatible with all Minecraft versions between 1.8.X - 1.16.X as long as the CrazyCrates plugin as well as EssentialsX continue to support the releases.

  • A voting crate.
  • 3 tiered crates.
  • A spawner crate.
  • A unique and innovative selection GUI.
  • Keys have been configured regardless.
  • Use of heads to make the design look more appealing.
  • A multitude of rewards inside each crate.
  • Balanced chances and win rates.
  • 1.8.X-1.16.X support.
Screenshots have been placed in a spoiler to avoid cluttering the thread, click on the button below to view a list of screenshots:









All support for this package will be provided through our Discord, to get verified on our Discord you must PM me with your purchase information either in Discord or on MC-Market.
Confirming your MC-Market account might be necessary depending on who you are, this is a per/situation kind of thing.

Note that you will not be provided support by staff without having a verified Discord account on our Discord server.


Q.) How do I install this configuration?
A.) To make the configuration easier to install, we've included a working plugin file within the configuration itself, simply drag and drop the config files into the CrazyCrates folder created by the plugin.

Q.) Will you provide help editing the plugin?
A.) If you want to edit the configuration to be more suitable for your server, we'll provide small edits and changes free-of-charge.

Q.) There's a bug in the config, how do I report it?
A.) You can report bugs in our configurations on our Discord server even if you're not verified, open a ticket and mention the bug. We'll only take bug reports if you're using the most recent release.

Latest updates

  1. V1.1.1 | Bug Fixes

    Fixed the material values of crate keys from the last update. Changed the spawner handler in...
  2. CrazyCrates | V1.1

    1.16.5 Configuration Now Included
  3. V1.0.1 | Bug Fixes

    Bug Fixes/Language Fixes

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