SkillAPI continued - Custom Classes, Skills, and More! Works on 1.16.5 - PROSKILLAPI Alpha 1.1.2

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SkillAPI is released under the MIT license and the original author updated his source code on github to include the premium features without needing to buy premium. The original developer has not updated his work in over a year now. My team and I are continuing the development of this plugin.

Moving Forward
PROSKILLAPI is based on the original Skillapi forked by Sentropic. We have forked Sentropic's version to create PROSKILLAPI and includes the premium features that were only available to the premium version found on Spigot. The original skillapi developer released the premium version as open source under the MIT license. You can now enjoy all the premium features for free!

Note to Staff
The original MIT license is still contained in the source files on Github if you need to verify. (you can search github skillapi for proof of the license)

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Some of PROSKILLAPI's Features
  • Create custom skills and classes
  • Online editor to make custom skills and classes
  • API for developers to hook into
  • You can create classes with subclasses
  • Configure every part of the plugin
  • Multiple casting options with skill bars, click combos and more
  • Create RPG style attributes, class requirements and more
This plugin requires McCore. You can download it here:

Basic skills and classes tutorial:

Want to see what kinds of skills you can make with PROSKILLaPI?

Crediting original
Eniripsa96, Sentropic

Latest updates

  1. Proskillapi Alpha 1.1.2

    + Fixed items in skills bars deleting when leaving the server. If you have questions or need...
  2. Prorpgskillapi Alpha 1.1.1

    + Fixed colors codes when using the class GUI If you have questions or need some help or have...
  3. PROSKILLAPI-Alpha-1.1

    New Features - Added a new condition for, "Food" - Added placeholderapi expansion, see the wiki...
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