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How does it work?

Let's imagine a bot attack, the bots connect with random names or with names which are already registered at Minecraft.net. This makes it easy for the bot developer to find names to attack.

To prevent this we have developed DiamondCaptcha. All you have to do is install the plugin and you are automatically connected to our captcha network with built-in AntiVPN.

When a player joins the server for the first time, he will be kicked with the reason that he has to verify himself on https://captcha.diamondprotector.de/. (The message is adjustable in the Config)

If he has already verified himself on a server that also uses our plugin and then joins your server, he will not even notice that the server is being protected while bot attacks no longer have a chance. Especially in the combination DiamondProtector from https://DiamondProtector.de additionally installed.

Note: The web panel is hosted by us with our database so you don't have to worry about it and we can make sure it is always running on the latest technology and bring security updates only in this way we can enable a global verification network.
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