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Near infinite item storage in a single slot. Auto pickup, unloading and building!
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DankTech is an attempt to recreate the mod(s) https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/dank-storage, https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/dank-null and OpenBlocks /dev/null in the form of a plugin.

What is a Dank Pack

A Dank Pack is an item that can hold a vast amount of 1 - 9 different items, all within a single slot of your inventory. Dank Packs come in 9 tiers, with each tier being able to hold more items:

Tier   Slots   Volume per slot
1      1       256
2      2       1024
3      3       2048
4      4       4096
5      5       8192
6      6       16384
7      7       65536
8      8       524288
9      9       2147483547

Each slot can be assigned to an item of your choice by opening the Pack and adding the item to the GUI. A simple painless process.


And what does it do?
Let Boomer_1 give you an overview!

When you have a Dank Pack in your inventory, any item you pick up that matches one of your Dank Pack's slots will bypass your inventory and go straight into the Dank making inventory clutter a thing of the past.

What's better, if your pack can not hold anymore of the incoming item, it will be voided meaning you can limit your cobble intake with a lower tier pack or keep a near-infinite amount of valuable diamonds with a higher tier!

You can add/withdraw items from the pack quickly and easily using the Right Click GUI;

  • You can take 1 item on its own.
  • A stack, a full inventory or drop a stack into the world in front of you (these methods always leave 1 item behind so you don't break your pack's layout).
  • You can also add all matching items from your inventory into your pack.

Dont want to bother dealing with the contents when you're finished a mining session? Fear not! If you put your Dank into a hopper, the Dank Pack doesn't actually move. Instead the items inside, from left to right, get moved out one stack at a time into the connected inventory. The 'unloader' will always leave 1 item of each type behind in the relavant slots so, when you need to take it out again, its ready to go right away!

Using Shift + Left/Right click with nothing targeted will cycle the selected slot with the Dank in hand. Assuming the selected slot is a normal block, you can Shift + Right click to build with it, drawing blocks directly out from the Dank Pack into the world.
Each pack remembers it's selected block so you can easily have a suite of Danks in your hotbar to build from quickly.

Trash Management
In addition to the normal 9 Dank Pack tiers there are 9 tiers of Dank trash tiers. These packs have twice the number of slots but have no storage, everything matching gets voided.

Additional Features
Admin give commands for packs and cells
Pack recovery by IDs
Danks can be renamed, can hold any item (including those with NBT) and can even hold other Dank Packs (though they wont function)
Slimefun integration, if you have Slimefun, the recipes will be displayed in the guide.
An Admin GUI with:

  • All packs made on the server
  • A note showing the last opening user, and when
  • Left click a pack to open and edit
  • Right click a pack to recover an instance into your inventory

What's coming up next?

  • An Ender Dank that can be crafted multiple times and each instance holds the same contents (one in an unloader while one is in use perhaps!?)
  • More protection plugins supported
  • mySQL support

A big shout out to the owners of the MCTantrum server who let me test there even once it was clear I barely knew what I was doing! <3

Also thanks to the creators of OpenBlocks, /dev/null/ and Dank Storage for the great mods this plugin is based off of!

Latest updates

  1. ⚡ DankTech ⚡ -

    Minor fix for WildStacker load order
  2. ⚡ DankTech ⚡ - 1.2.6

    Added configuration options for slot volumes per tier Added configuration options for most tests...
  3. ⚡ DankTech ⚡ - 1.2.5

    Fixed an issue that made beacons uncraftable



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