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The best solution for thirst and drinking on your Minecraft server.
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Have you ever wanted to not only have hunger in Minecraft but also add thirst and the need to drink? If so, then Thirst Plugin is just for you!​

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❯ Current Features ❮
  • Thirst that is decreasing over time.
  • Boss bar that shows the amount of thirst you have.
  • Configurable thirst speed.
  • Sprint, sun, fire, and world multipliers.
  • Nausea effect if you run out of water.
  • Slow or instant death.
❯ Available Commands
/thirst <set/add/take> <player> <value>
Change player's thirst.
/thirst get <player>
Show player's thirst.
/thirst toggle <player>
Toggle player's thirst.
/thirst setitem <value>
Sets the item that you currently have in hand as an item that replenishes your thirst.
/thirst reload
Reloads the plugin.

❯ Permissions
thirst.bypass - bypass thirst
thirst.admin.* - all admin commands
thirst.admin.edit - permission for /thirst set, add, take, get
thirst.admin.reload - permission for /thirst reload
thirst.admin.setitem - permission for /thirst setitem
thirst.admin.toggle - permission for /thirst toggle

❯ Config
# The default speed of player thirst decreasing
DefaultSpeed: 0.1

# Multipliers for different situations and worlds
SprintMultiplier: 1.2
SunMultiplier: 1.5
FireMultiplier: 1.2

# To disable world set multiplier to 0.0
  world: 1.0
  world_nether: 1.2
  world_the_end: 1.1

# Default thirst item is bottle, this value will therefore apply to all potion items (water bottle, awkward potion, mundane potion, all potions, ...)
# When you use /thirst setitem, it overrides this option (other potions will add you 10 thirst if you set it here and water bottle will add 30 if you set it using /thirst setitem for example).
  Enable: true
  Value: 30

# Should players in creative and spectator get thirsty (also hides thirst boss bar)
CreativeThirst: false
# How long after player joins should the thirst start decreasing (value in ticks)
JoinDelay: 100
# Should the player die instantly when they are thirsty
InstantDeath: false
# Should players get nausea effect when they are thirsty
Nausea: true
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