Custom Bans Plus 3.3.9

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A Fully Customizable, All-In-One Ban Manager for your server.


Custom Bans Plus is an all-in-one Ban Management plugin with all the features you need in a ban manager and more. It has a completely customizable system that gives users the freedom of how they want their appearance to look as part of their server's overall aesthetics. The plugin also has a unique* feature, which makes organizing your server's protocols and procedures way easier.

Has 2 versions:

MySQL Database
Local (SQLite)

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v3.3.9 DiscordSRV Support

- Added DiscordSRV support for both simple message announcements and alert messages. Check out the CBP Wiki DiscordSRV Setup Guide for more details here.

A Setup Guide has been created to better help you set up your staff members' permissions. You may access it by clicking here.

#MYSQL CONFIGURATION - You may setup your MySql Database here.
# You may delete the .db file if you use this version.
  enable: false
  database-name: "custombansplus"
  useSSL: false
  allowPublicKeyRetrieval: false

# Changes the display name of your console. For example, when you ban a player using the console, it'll substitute, save, and display the name below instead of just "CONSOLE."
console-name: "The Great Console"

# Note: If both are set to false, the plugin will default to interval saving at a 15 minute duration.
  # Sends a notif message to admins when cache is being stored.
  notify-save: false
  # Data saves when N number of new players join.
    enable: true
    save-at: 100
  # Data saves every N duration.
    enable: true
    save-at: 15m

# Set to true if you want to use punishments without reason, and false if you want to use the default reasons if reason is blank.
toggle-no-reason: false
# Set to true if you want to force use the preset severity reason regardless if the sender inputted their own reason or not.
force-severity-reason: false

# Add as many warn checkers as you want.
# Order of commands executed is top to bottom.
# Format: %player%
    - eco take %player% 500
    - kick %player% Reached 3 warns.
    - ban %player% s1 Reached 5 warns.

# Set enable-warn-titles to true if you want titles to appear on your warns.
  enable: true
  warn-title: "&c&lYou have been warned!"
  # Set to true if you want the warn reason as the subtitle.
  custom-subtitle: false
  warn-subtitle: "§fYou've been warned! Check your chat."

# Input your server's whisper or communication commands. A muted player will not be able to use these commands.
  - "tell"
  - "whisper"
  - "w"
  - "msg"
  - "localchat"
  - "lc"
  - "factionchat"
  - "fc"

  # Set to true if you want op players to receive plugin update notifications.
  notify: true
  # Set intervals of when to check for updates. Follows the same duration patterns (Xs, Xm, Xh, Xd).
  interval: 3h

# Logs to the console when a ban or mute has been lifted (i.e. served their sentences).
  ban-lifts: false
  mute-lifts: false
For full details and information, visit the CBP Wiki here.


  • Ban a player.
  • IP Ban a player.
  • Kick a player.
  • Mute a player.
  • Warn a player.
  • [-s] option to punish a player silently (all punishments above + unban and unmute).
  • Check a player's Alternate Account History based on their IPs.

  • Fully Customizable Temp Ban, Perm Ban, and Kick pages.
  • Fully Customizable announcers.
  • You may customize the above either through the config.yml file or in-game.
  • All Commands come with an easy Tab Completion method.
  • User-friendly GUI for most important commands.
  • A Severity system for punishment organization.
  • Super easy setup.
  • Report Function. A Report Feature where players can report other players, which notifies the staff team. Staff members can do /report list to see all submitted reports.
  • Premium or Cracked Server Compatibility.
For full details and information, visit the CBP Wiki here.
This unique feature that the plugin has gives the server's staff team the ease of penalizing cheaters with only one command.

Say you got a punishment stating that the player will be banned and have their balance deducted; You would have to execute two or more commands to finish punishing a single player. If you got helpers who don't have the permissions for such commands, they would need to wait for a higher staff member to finish the job, making staff activities redundant. Well, this system solves that problem.

A severity is a type of ban that can have other commands integrated into it, like, for instance, an automatic balance reduction of a player's economy or an automatic clear of their inventory. Each severity has a fixed ban duration (temporary or permanent) depending on how you want them set up.


With the pre-set commands within a severity, staff members can now effortlessly punish cheaters all in one command, allowing you to easily organize your punishments.

For full details and information, visit the CBP Wiki here.







~Fully customizable ban page and announcers, easy, simple, and readable GUI.

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  1. Download the jar file from the links below.
  2. Place the jar file in your plugins folder.
  3. You're all set!
Click here to download plugin versions that are compatible with older MC versions.

Click here to see different messages.yml translations.


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You may contact me regarding all of my plugin-related issues, concerns, and suggestions by joining our discord or direct messaging me, Kyuri#7901. See you there!

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* You may not sell/resell the plugin to any individual without my (the developer's) permission.

* You may not redistribute this product.

* I claim the right to terminate your license, at any point and for any reason.

* You may decompile the jar purely, only for development purposes.

* This TOS can and may be changed at absolutely any point without prior notice.
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