[HQ] Capture the Crate - Skript 1.0

Capture the Crate skript with a lot of features and customization.


Welcome to the Capture the Crate skript! The concept is simple. You can choose when a crate should be dropped. It can be every x hours, or it can be between 2 values. For example, between 6 and 12 hours, 12 and 24 hours, and so on.
There are three different tiers, and drops are fully customizable for each tier. When a crate is dropped, an announcement will be shown on chat for players with the location of the crate. Also you can drop every x seconds/minutes and so on a firework so players can see the crate easily. The area size of the crate is also customizable from the config in blocks. If players leave the area, the timer will reset in 5 seconds (also configurable from the config), and the timer will start again when players enter the area again. If there is more than one player, the timer will stop. And it will work again when there's only one player in the crate area, like king of the hill. I tried to keep the introduction simple, so you can understand the concept easily.​

This resource is supported for 1.8.X to 1.12.2.X.
(!) 1.7.X and lower is NOT supported (!)

Do you want to see the plugin in action? Contact me and I will open a temporary server!​


✪ Customizable tiers ✪
You can customize all tiers to your needs. You can choose how many rewards you want each tier to have, how many seconds you want players to stay in crate area for each tier until they capture it and so on. Fully customizable.

✪ Customizable area ✪
You can choose how big you want the crate area to be. It can be 50 blocks, or it can be 100 and so on. Recommended is 80. Any lower means players can easily knock back other players from the area and take advantage.

✪ Custom resourcepack ✪
This skript comes with custom resourcepack, it won't affect players fps, nor the quality of the game. It's just the slime mob re-textured. It doesn't interfere with the gameplay since the mobs will still spawn, only slime mobs won't spawn. This skript works best for GTA, but it can also be used on survival.

Here you can find some pictures and GIFs to get an idea of how the plugin looks. Take in mind: you can always ask me to see the plugin in action if you want to!
This showcase is from the first version.

This is how the crate looks.


These are all the commands of the skript, everything is customizable.

Add-ons are:

SkBee: download here
skDragon: download here
skUtilities: download here
Skript: download here
sk-mirror: download here


If you need support, you can contact me in different ways. It may last some days before I answer. Normally I answer within 6-48 hours. I'm the most active on MC-Market.

Discord Server: Soon.
Discord Name: Syzix#5555 & kutwa#0001


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