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A unique delivery network providing cosmetics for players
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NOTICE ME: The plugin will be updated on only, go there for the latest builds!


Cosmo is a unique delivery network aiming to provide servers with custom models made by other users and uploaded.

Head over to the website and navigate to the Download page for further installation information.


  • Ensure you have Paperspigot installed as your server jar (This is because it has extra features the plugin uses to function correctly)
  • Download the plugin
  • Download
  • Put the Jar files in your plugin folder
  • Start the server. By default there is already a pack setup to play around with, just use /cosmo (Make sure you are OP or have permission)


  • Create your own packs. You can copy the pack id from the website into your plugins config file to allow access to the models for the users.
  • Share your packs. You can share your pack id with other people to use on their own servers.
  • Select only the models you want. If your server follows a specific style, you can choose models that only follow the same scheme.
  • Replaces current wearing helmet with a custom model using *Magic*
  • Doesn't affect functionality. The plugin does not affect how the underlying helmet functions such as enchants and armor.
  • Remove models at any time. If you no longer want a model, you can remove them from the pack and restart your server to stop it being distributed.
  • Active models are saved over reboots unless the pack is updated to stop desync.
  • Only players who accept the server resource pack will see the models to stop visual issues.
  • Option to use the Cosmo server to deliver your pack or an internal HTTP server with the plugin to prevent desync issues (Requires more knowledge to setup)
Known issues that are not actual issues:

  • When players are in creative, models are disabled for that player. This is due to not all creative actions being communicated with the server. This could change in future Minecraft releases but is not guaranteed.
  • When getting damaged, the helmet is reequipped each time. I am working on a way around this but its a bit awkward :(

  • /cosmo - Opens the GUI to select your models. (Permission - "cosmo.command.use")

Proof of ownership:
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Latest updates

  1. Cleansing the system

    Cleaned up some code for better future maintenance Edited the config to provide some clearer...
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