ExploitFixer - The Ultimate AntiExploit plugin 1.6.2

Secure your server from exploits with this professional AntiExploit system.
Install along FlameCord (Bungee fork) and FlamePaper (PaperSpigot fork) for maximum security.

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Secure your Bukkit server against crash and lag exploits with ExploitFixer.

Limits packets and blocks invalid packets by closing the connection before they affect the server.


· Increases performance by blocking unused packets.
· Notification and stats system.

Security features:

· CustomPayload packets with big book data used to overload the server and lag it.
· Commands that some plugins have and can crash your server are blocked by ExploitFixer.
· Items are remade by ExploitFixer to prevent invalid Hacked Creative Items. (Players with creative mode can create invalid items by sending packets)
· Packets that accomplish certain conditions (ex: sending big book data) will be blocked from the server to prevent crashing your network. (ExploitFixer protects you from every packet possible sent by players)
· Signs created by hacked clients that have extra lines to crash your server.


· /exploitfixer help - shows the available commands of the plugin.
· /exploitfixer reload - reloads the plugin configuration.
· /exploitfixer notifications - toggles notifications for yourself.
· /exploitfixer stats - shows stats about the plugin.


· exploitfixer.admin - Permission to use administration commands.
· exploitfixer.notifications - Permission to toggle notifications.


If you're running a BungeeCord Network, install the plugin in all your Spigot servers and use FlameCord to prevent Netty Exploits.

This plugin requires HamsterAPI installed in your Spigot servers.




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Latest updates

  1. ExploitFixer - Update 1.6.2

    + Added traditional chinese translation. + Added packet blacklist system. Delete your...
  2. ExploitFixer - Update 1.6.1

    * Use packets for TabComplete. (More Security & Working on 1.8) * Fix default language...
  3. ExploitFixer - Update 1.6.0

    * Fixed new exploit by limiting number size.

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