AntiBow | Prevent players shooting arrows 2.0.8

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Stop players from shooting arrows in certain areas (WorldGuard and Multiverse support)
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antibow arrow bow


AntiBow is a useful plugin that prevents players
from shooting arrows when they are in certain
regions or worlds (WorldGuard/Multiverse).

This feature is really helpful in the spawn area
of your server, as well as in some minigames.
In other words, players will no longer be
able to fill your spawn with fire arrows!


⬤ Prevent firing arrows with bows and crossbows in certain WorldGuard regions or Multiverse worlds.
Choose the enabled regions and worlds where the plugin should work (blacklist).
⬤ Execute a console or player commands after X attempts the player try to shoot an arrow.
Custom damage to player when he shoots arrows in a region where it is forbidden.
Plugin configurable with the command or through the config.yml file.
Fully customizable chat messages, particles, sounds and actionbar.



1. Download the plugin from Spigot and place the AntiBow.jar file in your plugins folder. Choose the correct plugin version available in the downloaded folder, based on your server version (<1.12 or >1.13).

2. Dependencies: be sure you have installed in your server the latest version of WorldGuard and WorldEdit.

2. Restart your server to generate the configurations, or use any other way to load the plugin, such as PlugMan.

3. Run the command /antibow add <region/world> [name] using the name of the region where you want to prevent the use of bows, or customize manually the config.yml file in your /plugins/AntiBow/ folder.

4. The plugin is already working, but you can also customize other features from the config.yml file and then run /antibow reload.

5. Enjoy the plugin!



#You can configure the message that appears when you shoot an arrow in an area where bows are disabled.
    enabled: true
    message: "%prefix &7You can't use your bow inside this area."
    enabled: true
    message: "&c&lYOU CANNOT SHOOT ARROWS HERE!"

#List of command to be executed after X attempts a player shoot an arrow in a disabled area.
#PlaceHolders available: %player
  enabled: true
  attempts: 10
    - "[CONSOLE_COMMAND] say %player tried to use Bow in blacklisted area!"
    - "[PLAYER_COMMAND] spawn"

#Sounds list ->
  enabled: false
  sound: ""

#Particles list ->
#You can enable the particle effect when a player try to shoot an arrow
  enabled: false
  particle: "SMOKE_NORMAL"

#The player takes damage when he tries to shoot an arrow (You can disable this option by setting it to 0.0)
shoot-damage: 1.0

#Revoke items when he tries to shoot an arrow
  bow: false
  arrows: false


#Customize the prefix of plugin messages.
prefix: "&8&l[&9&lAntiBow&8&l]"

#Help output message.
  - "&8&l&m---------------------------------------------"
  - "&9&l                      AntiBow v%version"
  - "&8&l&m---------------------------------------------"
  - "&c/ab list &7- Get list of denied regions"
  - ""
  - "&c/ab add <region/world> [name]"
  - "&c/ab remove <region/world> [name]"
  - ""
  - "&c/ab reload &7-  Reload the configuration file"
  - "&8&l&m---------------------------------------------"

#List of enabled conditions in every world.
    - "&8&l&m------------------------------------"
    - "&9&l                    AntiBow"
    - "&8&l&m------------------------------------"
    regions: "\n&cDisabled regions:"
    worlds: "\n&cDisabled worlds:"
    - "&8&l&m------------------------------------"

#Message output when there are no conditions.
empty-list: "%prefix &7Coudn't find any set condition. Use /ab to start setting!"

#When you send a player command though console pannel.
only-player: "%prefix &cThis command can be executed only by players."

#When you do not have enough permission to execute a command.
no-permission: "%prefix &cYou don't have permissions to do this!"

#When you reaload ClimateChange plugin though the command.
plugin-reloaded: "%prefix &7Plugin reloaded &asuccessfully&7!"

  add: "%prefix &7Use &c/ab add <region/world> [name]"
  remove: "%prefix &7Use &c/ab remove <region/world> [name]"

  added: "%prefix &7Region added to disabled ones."
  already-added: "%prefix &7Region has already been added to disabled ones."
  removed: "%prefix &7Region removed from disabled ones."
  not-exists: "%prefix &7Selected region doesn't exists."
  not-found: "%prefix &7No region found at your location."

  added: "%prefix &7World added to disabled ones."
  already-added: "%prefix &7World has already been added to disabled ones."
  removed: "%prefix &7World removed from disabled ones."
  not-exists: "%prefix &7Selected world doesn't exist."

➤ ➜ Access to the info command
➤ antibow.list ➜ Allow players to execute /ab list
antibow.reload ➜ Reload the config through the command
antibow.add.region ➜ Allow players to execute /ab add region [name] ➜ Allow players to execute /ab add world [name]
antibow.remove.region ➜ Allow players to execute /ab remove region [name] ➜ Allow players to execute /ab remove world [name]

To be able to bypass any protection of this plugin, you can add this permission to players or groups: antibow.bypass .

⬤ /antibow help - Lists all available commands.
/antibow list - Shows areas where the protection is enabled.
⬤ /antibow reload - Reload the plugin. Nothing simpler.
/antibow add <region/world> [name] - Disable the selected region or world so the players cannot fire arrows in the area.
/antibow remove <region/world> [name] - Enable region or world, unlocking the use of the bow and crossbow.


Keep in mind that premium resources have priority on free plugins. If you have any idea on how to increase this plugin, just PM us. We are happy to update our resources in order to create a fully customizable plugin. Just waiting for your message :coffee:

AdvancedAbilities support for multishot ability that bypass the protection. Maybe also Triple Shot vanilla enchant for crossbow?


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Latest updates

  1. [2.0.8] - Support for 1.17

    Main features: + Added support for the new version 1.17. Sorry for the wait ;) _
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