SuperiorSkyblock2 Configuration [Clean Menus, Custom Upgrades, Lag Prevention, Custom Island] 1.1

Clean Menus, Clean Messages, Custom & Balanced Upgrades, Lag Prevention, Custom Starting Island
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Need a quality configuration for SuperiorSkyblock2 but lack the knowledge or time to create one? This config is the thing for you!
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  • Clean Messages
  • Clean Menus (every menu changed)
  • Balanced Upgrades
  • Custom Upgrades
  • Redstone limits to prevent lag
  • Block limits to prevent lag
  • Entity limits to prevent lag
  • Custom Starting Island
  • Optimised for competitive
  • NO extra plugins needed!
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Join my support discord here:
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Latest updates

  1. 1.16.5 version fix

    Added a separate 1.16.5 version to fix issues for users. (Tested on latest dev build b405)
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