PocketOceans 1.2

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Easily fill a chunk with water!
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[Support is no longer provided for this as it is no longer maintained]

Easily fill chunks with water! They work by replacing any air, netherrack and existing water with sourced water blocks to easily creates oceans.

There are two configuration files, config,yml for general configuration and commands.yml for the ability to set the base command and aliases.
#Pocket Ocean Feature Configuration File

Invalid_Argument: "&cInvalid argument, &cplease do &a/pocketocean give <player> <amount>"
Unable_To_Find_Player: "&cUnable to find &o%player%"
Given_Pocket_Ocean: "&3You have given &b%player% &b%amount%x &3Pocket Ocean(s)."
Received_Pocket_Ocean: "&3You been given &a%amount%x &bPocket Ocean(s)."
Invalid_Amount: "&cInvalid amount."

#The higher this number the laggier it will be
Blocks_Per_Tick: 50
#Put "-1" to disable the global limit
Global_Limit: 15
Global_Limit_Message: "&cGlobal limit of %limit% has been reached - please wait a few seconds."
#Put "-1" to disable the delay (Time in between PocketOcean use and when water starts to fill the chunk)
Pocket_Ocean_Delay: 10

Chunk_Already_Being_Filled: "&cThere is already a Pocket Ocean in this chunk."
Filling_Chunk: "&aFilling with water"
Filling_Chunk_Hover: "&aWatering %amount%x block(s)"
Cannot_Use: "&cYou do not have permission to use a &bPocket Ocean."
Cannot_Use_In_Territory: "&cYou cannot use &bPocket Ocean&c in %faction%&c."
Cannot_Use_In_Territory_Hover: "&7&oPlease use this feature in your claims"
Cannot_Use_Region: "&cYou cannot use &bPocket Ocean&c in this region."
Allow_Placement_In_Wilderness: false

#If HolographicDisplays is not found Hologram function will disable and it will send a message in game
Enable_Hologram: true
Pocket_Ocean_Hologram_Line_1: "&b&l[!] Chunk will fill with water in:"
Pocket_Ocean_Hologram_Line_2: "&b%time%s"
#If Hologram is enabled the below message will not send
Countdown_Message: "&aChunk will fill with water in %time% seconds!"

Pocket_Ocean_Item: "ICE"
Pocket_Ocean_Name: "&b&lPocket Ocean"
- "&7&oFill the chunk with water!"

#false = cannot be used in combat /// true = can be used in combat
Allow_In_Combat: false
Cannot_Place_In_Combat: "&cYou cannot place Pocket Oceans in combat."

#Won't work if you do not have CoreProtect installed.
Core_Protect_Logging: false


Make sure to join our support discord for any questions you may have or assistance you may need: https://discord.gg/gnF9E6waeW or contact me directly on Fullpage#4782.

(Contact me for enquiries regarding purchasing source)

Latest updates

  1. Removed debug message

    Removed debug message
  2. Added FactionsX and SavageFactions support

    Added FactionsX and SavageFactions support in addition to various checks
  3. Removed Licensing and made plugin free

    Removed Licensing and made plugin free

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