Roman & Greek Themed Factions Warzone (250x250) 1.0

A compact Warzone with an expansive underground combat area.
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  1. Schematic

  • Size: 250x250 Total
  • Shape: Square
  • Theme: Greek & Roman
  • 4 different house designs, these being sizes and shape along with exterior and interior designs all being different.
  • 12 Villages scattered across the map, all connected to each other via gravel and grass walkway. Middle of the warzone, there is a steep hill players have to climb that leads to a temple. in there there is a boss room.
  • 4 entrances to the temple, one each side. On the gravel paths, there are several cracks and holes which lead to an underground tunnel system which has several blockages. Directly below the hill, there is a boss room which the tunnels lead to.
  • The hill has a grand staircase on each side which allows users to climb it. Some of the stairs are missing from decay and there are a few block obstructions The underground tunnels are heavily blocked but still allow users to run through them. The light environment should be dark.
  • Each village has a huge wall around it, the wall should have fancy patterns on them. Each village also have their own little crop farms inside the walls. There are several abandoned shacks around the map, these being on their own. Some of the roofs and walls are missing from these shacks. There are several lakes around the map, these going from both shallow to deep. Map is accompanied by trees and bush growth due to dereliction.
  • A glass lightning bolt is piercing the side of the temple. Sizes: Tunnel sizes are 3 by 4 Village sizes can vary but don't make them take up the entire warzone, still want some running space for users.
  • Floating Minotaur Section: A maze with several exits that have small houses and meetup areas
  • Minerva Section: A small castle split off into a series of housing rooms with balconies to see the rest of the warzone, the castle is protected by a reinforced wall with guard towers where we'd have NPCS sat. Aphrodite Section:
  • Aphrodite has a temple that revolves around the memory of the goddess Aphrodite.
Have fun with this one, it's really cool :)



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