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Hello, today I am releasing another config for the plugin featherboard.

The config is for a Skyblock server, and I've never released it on a server before. It includes, Money (Formatted), Island Level (/is level), No. Island Members and a visible link to your server forums (Can be changed in config.)

Note: The placeholders are made for the aSkyBlock plugin.
(Search it up on spigot/google)

Note: You don't get the plugin, you have to purchase it as Featherboard is a premium plugin. Find it here.


Note: Also if you need any extra support (if you dont know how to change certain things in the config) then please feel free to PM me on MC-Market.​
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It looks good but sense this is old if i put this config in featherboard it would just reset it so the default config so i have to rate this 1 star unless you update it
Its for a towny plugin lmao
Beautiful <3 <3. Tysm!
Broken, Does not work.
Neat featherboard, just downloaded!
Thanks so much this saved me so much time
Glad you enjoy it c:
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