Server Manager Auto Server Creator - All Server Types 1.0.20

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Software and Plugin that allows you to create servers automatically according to your requirements.

Useful links and FAQ are available on the discord.
Source code:

Ask question on Discord before buying it if you wish

Start files
Plugin example
Little Hub plugin to show possibilities
ServerManager tree structure + start files
(.zip file | You will need to paste ServerManager.jar in the right folders
And also add server jar files (BungeeCord.jar and Spigot.jar (or else)))

Latest updates

  1. Fix & Improvements

    - Resource now free. - Adding Nukkit support. Minecraft PE (Nukkit) servers can be used.
  2. Fix & Improvements

    - Increase packet Database stream. - ThreadLock fixed on File-Manager start task. - File-Manager...
  3. Improvements & Fix

    - File-Manager | Can't stop fix on server creation. - ServerManager plugins: (See discord to...

Latest reviews

Amazing resource, 10/10 would recommend to any advanced dev/network owner even if you only have bungee and couple servers this resource can keep your servers running even when they crash/shutdown for some reason!

Dev is extremely experience and active bugs fixed within days and suggestions added as well! Haven't seen such a great resource in a while from the community but man this is top quality!
Great plugin :D You can do what you want with this plugin :D
Works exactly as expected, and is a super good utility to implement into any plugin for a use case such as sharding!



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