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The most advanced Discord Buttons & Custom Command addon for Corebot |
Advanced Buttons is by far the most advanced and customizable Button/Custom command addon for corebot. Create your very own custom commands that have the option for buttons to give/take roles, coins, xp & more.

With unlimited buttons & responses your able to take your custom commands to the next level. Create custom help menus, custom verification panels, reaction role menus and more!



  • Create Unlimited Buttons/Button groups/Custom commands
  • All embeds use Advanced Say Formatting.
  • Send multiple messages on button click. With support for unlimited responses.
  • Require a specific role to run a Custom Command/On reaction
  • Send the original button as a Webhook. (Cannot Edit Message)
    • Customize PFP
    • Customize Name

  • Multiple Button Formats. List
  • Custom Title for each button
  • Required Role to click the button
  • Open link support
  • Join channel Support
  • Cooldown for clicking buttons. EX: 1s 1m, 1h, 1d
  • Given Rewards
    • Roles
    • Coins
    • XP
  • Taken Rewards
    • Roles
    • Coins
    • XP
  • Unlimited Responses on click

  • Supports Multiple Responses
  • Multiple Response Types
    • REPLY = reply to the original message
    • DM = DM the user who clicked the button
    • CHANNEL = send a new message in the channel
    • EDIT = edit the original message with new buttons/embed/content
    • Channel ID/Name = send the new message in a specific channel.
  • Send REPLY messages as Private so only the member can see it.
  • Delete responses after x milliseconds. EX: Delete: 3500 (3.5s)
  • Send MORE buttons with the new response (These buttons can have MORE responses)

  • findButton - find a button by Custom_ID
  • getEnd - Get a cooldown end
  • getAdvancedEmbed - Convert Advanced Say String to Embed/Text
  • formatButtons - Convert config buttons to messageComponents array
  • createWebhook - Create a custom webhook in a channel. Used for getWebhook function
  • getWebhook - Find & create a custom webhook in a channel
  • sendButton - Send the embed/text/buttons to a channel, accept variables, webhooks
  • sendPing - Send a ping response to a interaction
  • sendReply - Reply to a interaction with a new Message
  • sendResponses - Send a array of responses when a button is clicked
  • edit - Edit the buttons message with new content
Advanced Buttons Preview & Examples

Latest updates

  1. Advanced Buttons Update v1.1.9

    Changes Added support for Aliases to work with the button command Improved Error handling for...
  2. Fixed My Issues

    Fixed My Issues
  3. Advanced Buttons Update v1.1.7

    Changes Added better member finding for button clicks. (fixes issues with buttons not working...

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awesome as always <3
Very easy to configure and very complete, I recommend it for all users who use Corebot.
Nice Addon one has many new functions and possibilities with the Corebot and the Addon to it respect goes out :D
10/10 Very good resource
One of the Must Have Addons on Corebot!
Makes the server look much better than reactions
100% recommend
10/10 resource :))))
Very useful addon! Looks great, works flawlessly, like any other 59L addons
Good job. That's addon that I needed.
This add-on is incredible, and it has incredible features that enhance the functionality of Corebot! 5/5
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