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Unique minecraft MiniGame ColorfulMix
ColorfulMix - Informacje.png

This is a simple plugin that adds a mini game to your server.
Using ProtocolSupport your players can join to your server probably on all version of minecraft and use this plugin!

Supported versions: 1.14.x/1.15.x/1.16.x/1.17.x

To work properly ColorfulMix need: NoteBlockAPI.


ColorfulMix - Features.png

Commands after pass round / on the end game and for winner
All command configuration for creating Minigame
Cached arena blocks when suddenly stop server
Avaible languages: DE, EN, ES, FR, PL
Turn off / on collision between players
Database supported: MySQL, SQLite
16 different colors in the arenas
High performance with FAWE
Item to leave from arena
Setting section size
Checker for update
Enable commands
Tab list with ranks
Inventory saving
Different floor
Level system
NPC Podium
Smart Portal
Chat format
NBS Sound

And lots more!

Reach level to unlock...
A few gadgets in the arena
Maybe shop system for gadgets
Set custom sound for timing etc.

Do you have any idea? Pls tell to me ;)

ColorfulMix - How to use.png
After installing the plugin in the folder plugins/ColorfulMix/ you will create:

    • Lang/ - Contains language files: DE.yml, EN.yml, ES.yml, FR.yml, PL.yml
    • Sounds/ - Contains Arena and Lobby directory with NBS sounds
    • Cache/ - Contains the cache of arena blocks.
    • Arenas.yml - Contains configured arenas
    • Signs.yml - Contains configured signs
    • SmartPortal.yml - Contains configured SmartPortal
    • Podium.yml - Contains configured podium locations
    • Database.db - Contains statistics of players
The default configuration file was generated database.db because config.yml must be configured after the files have been generated.
  #All language is in directory Languages
  Language: en

    #If it is true BossBar will be enabled
    enabled: true
    color: BLUE

  #Set countdown when players are waiting in the lobby
  CountingDownInLobby: 30

  #Set countdown before first floor cleaning
  CountingDownToStartGame: 10

    #If it is true you can set variables {arenaName}, {level} and {points} in your chat plugin
    #For example in Essentials: [{arenaName}] [{level}] [{points}] {DISPLAYNAME}&7:&r {MESSAGE}
    enabled: true

    #If it is true you will be see all informations for example from TitleText on the chat text
    enabled: false

    #If it is true players stats will be saved
    enabled: true
    #Avaible type: MySQL / SQL
    type: SQL
    host: localhost
    base: baseName
    user: root
    pass: password
    port: 3306

    - msg
    - r
    - rules
    - help

    #If it is true ExpBar will be enabled
    enabled: true

    #If it is true fall damage will be disabled
    enabled: true

  #Needed points to level up using this algorithm: 1lvl -> 25, 2lvl -> 50 + (points to previous level) etc.
  PointsToLevelUp: 25

    #Set the refresh time in seconds
    timeToRefreshInSec: 60

    #If it is true player inventory will be saved and received on end the game
    enabled: true

    #If it is true player exp will be saved and received on end the game
    enabled: true

    #If it is true Scoreboard will be enabled
    enabled: true

    #If it is true spectators will be enabled
    enabled: true

    #If it is true TabList with ranking will be enabled
    #REQUIRE: ProtocolTab and ProtocolLib
    enabled: true

    #If it is true TitleText will be enabled
    enabled: true

  #Set the commands to be executed after completing the round. Avaible variable: %player%
    - eco give %player% 10
    - msg %player% you pass the round!

  #Set the commands to be executed when the game ends
    - msg %player% example command on end of arena ;)

  #Set the commands to be performed for the winner of the arena
    - eco give %player% 100
    - msg %player% you win the game!

  #Set the item id at which you can leave the arena
    id: 355

    #If true, players will be hear a song in lobby/arena
    inLobby: true
    inArena: true
Once config.yml is configured, restart the server.

How to create Arenas?

With admin privileges, you can start creating an arena by using the command: / cfm create <nameOfArena>
Then just use the command to finish creating / editing the arena for help, which is not yet set for the arena (/ cfm finish).
In the hints you will get an argument to use to complete the arena configuration.

Examples (PL):

Your arena should be built of wool blocks as in the pictures below. Because the plug hides and changes only the wool blocks in the designated area of the arena.

How to create signs?
Having already created an arena, you can assign a sign with a status of arena. To create that sign you must stand in front of it, point the sign by cursor and enter the command: /cfm setSign <arenaName>

Sign can have 5 state:

  • Editing
  • Waiting
  • Waiting when there is a minimum number of players in the arena
  • Arena is Full (5/3 because 2 players are vip)
  • Arena was started (PL)
CFM - SignsStatus.gif

How to create SmartPortal?

To create the SmartPortal you must type: /cfm getMarker to get Marker which will be able to mark the area of SmartPortal.
Then, after marking the terrain, enter: /cfm setSmartPortal
And that's all, as anyone will enter the SmartPortal it will be added to the arena, which will start the fastest.
To remove Smart Portal type: /cfm removeSmartPortal
How to modify chat format?
You can use two variables:
{arenaName} -This variable will be replaced with the arena name if the player is in an arena
{level} - This variable will be replaced with the player level
{points} - This variable will be replaced with the earned player points

You can use this variables in your chat plugin.
For example I using it in essentials plugin:

    gracz: '&2{arenaName}&8[&e{points}&8]&8[&aGracz&8]&e {DISPLAYNAME}&0: &f{MESSAGE}'
    vip: '&2{arenaName}&8[&e{points}&8]&8[&bVIP&8]&e {DISPLAYNAME}&0: &b{MESSAGE}'
    wlasciciel: '&2{arenaName}&8[&e{points}&8]&8&8[&6Wlasciciel&8]&e {DISPLAYNAME}&0: &6&l{MESSAGE}'
How to play?
1. Join to the arena by Click at sign or type command: /cfm join <ArenaName>
2. Wait for players and start the game in lobby.
3. When the game starts you will have to wait a few seconds again.
4. Then the floor will mix and you will get colored wool in your hand.
5. Then you have to stay on the wool blocks of the color which you hold in your hand.

ColorfulMix - Commands.png

Basic commands
/ColorfulMix help - Displays help
/ColorfulMix join <arenaName> - Join the chosen arena
/ColorfulMix leave - Leaving the arena
/ColorfulMix list - Displays list of the arenas
/ColorfulMix stats - Displays your stats
/ColorfulMix top - Displays top 10 players

Admin commands
/ColorfulMix create <arenaName> - Creates the arena
/ColorfulMix remove <arenaName> - Removes the arena
/ColorfulMix edit <arenaName> - Edits the arena
/ColorfulMix cancel - Canceles creation and editing the arena
/ColorfulMix finish - Summary of the editing or creation of the arena (Also displays a hint when there is something configured)
/ColorfulMix setSign <arenaName> - Set the sign for chosen arena
/ColorfulMix removeSign - Removes the sign
/ColorfulMix setSmartPortal - Sets Smart Portal
/ColorfulMix removeSmartPortal - Removes Smart Portal
/ColorfulMix setPodium <place> - Set the podium location
/ColorfulMix removePodium <place> - Remove the podium location
/ColorfulMix reload - Reloads Lang files.
/ColorfulMix getMarker - Gives the marker of region
/ColorfulMix setRegion - Sets the arena region
/ColorfulMix setSpawnLocation - Sets the spawn location in the arena
/ColorfulMix setEndLocation - Sets the end location of the arena
/ColorfulMix setLobbyLocation - Sets the lobby location of the arena
/ColorfulMix setMaxPlayers <number> - Sets max players number
/ColorfulMix setMinPlayers <number> - Sets the maximum number of players in the arena
/ColorfulMix setColorLimit <2-16> - Sets the amount of color in the arena
/ColorfulMix setSectionSize <1-5> - Sets the section size in the arena
/ColorfulMix setLevel <1-5> - Sets the level of difficulty in the arena
ColorfulMix - Permissions.png

- ColorfulMix.use - Access to basic commands
- - Access to special permissions
- ColorfulMix.admin - Access to admin commands

ColorfulMix - Instalacja.png

    • Put the ColorfulMix.jar to the your directory plugins/

    • Run your server.

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Latest updates

  1. Fix bug

    Prevent destroy selected block at gamemode creative in setup mode
  2. Added one option (alert =on/off) --- NEED RESET CONFIG/ADD ONE LINE

    IMPORTANT Add this line to the config or regenerate file...
  3. Fix bug with "no minimum one color in arena" and more

    Hello, this update fixed a bug where sometimes there was not a minimum of one drawn color in the...


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