Medieval Class Kit Icons - MONSTERS, WARRIORS, WIZARDS! 1.1

Rank icons featuring fantasy classes and magical objects!
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This pack includes a whopping 15 unique medieval/fantasy class rank icons to be used in any situation. Put this into your next game as a class selection or put them in your Tebex store.
Sell anything: ranks, kits, enchantments, weapons, armour, and more is all covered in this pack.
Use your imagination, and get your money's worth! There's endless ways you could apply this pack to your next project.​

What you get with your purchase:

- .Zip file download.

- Includes 5 .PSD layered files of the 5 core ranks showed above. With a little Photoshop skill, you'll be able to edit these yourself!

- All icons included as transparent high resolution .png's with the watermark removed.

- Cheap artwork to polish up any site!

Latest updates

  1. Updating file

    Hopefully will resolve an issue a user was having with a corrupted zip, and being unable to open...
  2. Resolving Download Issue

    A user reported to me that they were unable to download and successfully open the file - I...
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