SuperBoots 1.4

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Run fast, be invisible, don't starve, fly and much more!
Welcome... I guess if you visited this page for two reasons, you got the wrong plugin SuperBoots or you really want to know about this plugin which is amazing =)!


    • flying boots - allow you to fly as long as you have your boots equipped
    • invisible boots - Have you heard of the invisibility cloaks? this is the same but with boots =D!
    • speed boots - These boots allow you to run at inhuman speed... you might be the next scarlet sprinter!
    • anti hunger boots - are you from Venezuela? Don't worry even if it is like this, these boots will take away your hunger... not in the way you expect but you will be satisfied :)
    • resistance boots - Did you see the Incredibles? Well, in some exaggerated way this boot will allow you to resist the damage caused by lava, fire, fall and magic (for now).
Note: There are 5 types of special boots which are: FLYING_BOOTS, RESISTANCE_BOOTS, ANTI_HUNGER_BOOTS, INVISIBLE_BOOTS and SPEED_BOOTS

    • /specialboots give {type} - specialboots.give.{type} or specialboots.* | this command will give you a boot according to the type you choose!

    • /specialboots set {type} - specialboots.set.{type} or specialboots.* | this command will do something magical! you will say why?, well I will tell you. this command will allow you to add a type of specialty to the boot you have in your hand! (as long as it's a boot;) )
It's very simple. you equip the special boot and you will get their abilities =)!

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  1. SuperBoots [ 1.8 - 1.17.1]

    Support for versions less than 1.17 added


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