Inspired by Super Smash Bros, with added fun features like guns and powerups!

This minigame is a very fun PVP game mode that is inspired by super smash bros. Players spawn in a map with their kit of choice, and they have to knock other players outside the map. The more damage a player sustains without getting knocked out, the more knockback he receives from future hits. Critical knockbacks may push players in such a strong manner that they could break blocks that they hit and go outside the arena. Players can also play in teams and enjoy the game mode with their friends and compete with other teams. Players are further enticed with the ability to double jump, pick up power-ups, including guns and explosives, and unlock achievements, ranks, and rewards as they progress and become the arena champions.


Please be patient with early versions of the plugin as they may contain bugs!

Before you get into the features and get all excited, please also read the following.
*** Please read the FULL page before purchasing. This is so that you don't purchase the plugin, and regret doing so because of a missing feature, or because you misunderstood what the plugin has to offer
*** The reviews section is not the place to be asking for help. When you are in need of help, please use the discussion area, or send me a private message.
*** Purchasing this plugin means that you agree to the plugin agreement found at the bottom of the page!


- Multi-arena! You can make many arenas and in the same world too!
- Bungee-Mode Support! The plugin can be installed along with other plugins like in your factions server and what not but it can also take over the server and force players to join the lobby! Or even a specific arena and once the arena finishes the server restarts
- Free setup! Install the plugin and start playing within less than 2 minutes!
- Destructive arenas & Live restoration
- Powerups!
- Supports CrackShot & QualityArmory to introduce guns into the game mode.
- Multiple Gamemodes! Lives / Kills.
- Arenas can be SOLO / TEAMS of any size!.
- Supports FastAsyncWorldEdit to restore arenas immediately.
- Parties! All done through a GUI, You can create a party and invite players
- Shops!
- Mystery box!
- Achievements! customize the achievement's requirements and awards, and view the achievements in a cool scrollable GUI
- Leaderboards!
- Ranks! players earn exp and rank up until they reach the maximum rank which is configurable, you can also run your own commands when a player reaches a certain rank
- Kits! and you can make your own! You can also give them special abilities like leap and warp... And you can display them using NPCs as well as GUIs.
- Trails
- Cages
- Fully customizable scoreboards!
- Boosters! incentivize players to play more at certain times with exp and coin boosters!
- Spectator mode!
- MySQL Support and Local Files Support
- Supports UUID and Normal Usernames
- Built-in coins system, but it can also use vault economy

- Titles and Action Bar support!
- Autojoin feature that will put the players in the best available arena
- Join signs, Auto join signs, Leave signs, Leaderboard signs!
- Built-in world manager, you can create, delete, import, backup, restore, tp, set spawn, list, worlds.
- You can customize most of the plugin messages, inventory names, signs format, arena states, items, titles, chat prefixes!
- Broadcaster system that announces certain messages every x seconds
- PlaceholderAPI and MVdWPlaceholderAPI Support!
- Holograms support! you can make holographic stats and a holographic leaderboard and display tower names in holograms through HolographicDisplays
- Custom maps! Create maps for winners and losers and include custom messages and images to make things more fun!
- Clickable chat messages!

- Double jump
- Lobby countdown shortening system! If the arena has a certain number of players the timer will be shortened to begin faster
- You can send messages to party members only by starting your message with an exclamation mark
- A profile GUI where you can see all of your stats and items and your achievements
- Amazing rollback system
- Lightweight cooldown system
- Edit arenas on the fly!
- A fireworks ending
- Kits can apply their own potion effects and run their own commands!
- Basic API that allows developers to access players stats and get top players, and also some events
- Set the coins/exp modifier of players to any number you want! You can also reset their stats! This also applies to offline players
- You can separate the spectator's chat, arena chat, and the lobby chat!
- You can create permissions that allow players to have more slots per party
- You can run your own commands on players when the arena starts or when players win
- You can have an animated scoreboard title
- An update checker to keep you alert inside your game!
- Smooth, well designed, and created to be able to handle a large number of players


No gameplay video yet! Coming soon.
















































The plugin is highly customizable but not fully!! There are some things that are hard-coded like sounds and SOME texts! Below you will find a list of all files generated by the plugin! Using this you will be able to see EXACTLY what you can change and what you cannot!


Main command is /SuperSmash or /SS

Players commands:
- /SS Join - No permissions
- /SS Leave - No permissions
- /SS Autojoin - No permissions
- /SS Gui - No permissions
- /SS List - No permissions

Admin commands:
- /SS Admin - supersmashx.admin
- /SS Setlobby - supersmashx.admin
- /SS Wand - supersmashx.admin
- /SS Create - supersmashx.admin
- /SS Delete - supersmashx.admin
- /SS Addspawn - supersmashx.admin
- /SS Removespawn - supersmashx.admin
- /SS Addpowerup - supersmashx.admin
- /SS Removepowerup - supersmashx.admin
- /SS Setspectators - supersmashx.admin

- /SS Updateregion - supersmashx.admin
- /SS Kitnpc- supersmashx.admin
- /SS Start - supersmashx.start
- /SS Stop - supersmashx.stop
- /SS WorldManager - supersmashx.admin
- /SS Inventory - supersmashx.admin
- /SS Coins - supersmashx.admin
- /SS Setmodifier - supersmashx.admin
- /SS Addbooster - supersmashx.admin
- /SS Holograms - supersmashx.admin
- /SS Reset - supersmashx.admin
- /SS Edit - supersmashx.admin
- /SS Editmode - supersmashx.admin
- /SS Reload - supersmashx.admin


Coming soon...


If you want to use a premade setup, then go ahead and download the zip file from this link and then extract it. (!Ar7IHWG_oZWhgQ5XC-PEMlMX_EQC?e=EAzeak)

You will find 2 folders inside, one is named 'SuperSmashX plugin folder', and the other one is named 'SuperSmashX world folder'.

Rename the folder 'SuperSmashX plugin folder' to 'SuperSmashX' and put it in your plugins folder, next to the SuperSmashX.jar file and your other plugins.

Next, rename the folder 'SuperSmashX world folder' to 'SuperSmashX' and add it to the server folder next to other worlds

That's it! you can now start the server and let the plugin generate additional files for later customization while you enjoy the plugin using /ss join

You first want to set the global lobby location by doing '/ss setlobby'
so that when players do '/ss join' they will be teleported there.
now you should create some arenas

Assuming that you do not have multiverse, and your map is not loaded, you could use the command '/ss worldmanager import <Map>' and then teleport to it with '/ss worldmanager tp <Map>'

Start by using '/ss wand' and use the tool given to select the 2 corners surrounding your map.
Once you have selected the 2 corners, create the arena using '/ss create <Name> <Team size> <Min teams> <Max teams> <Kills/Lives>'
This will create a new arena with your defined name.
<Team size> is the size of each team in the arena. 1 for solo, and any number above for teams.
<Min teams> is the minimum amount of teams required for the arena to start.
<Max teams> is the maximum amount of teams that the arena can handle at a time.
<Kills/Lives> is the game mode of the arena. Kills means that the team that reaches a certain amount of kills first is the winner. Lives means that each player has a certain amount of lives, running out of lives eliminates the player.

if you have FastAsyncWorldEdit installed, the create command will also create a schematic that will be used for rollback. (Optional, Better option)

You can now start adding some spawnpoints for players . To do so, use the command '/ss addspawn <Arena>', which will add a new spawn point at your location. You can add as many as you want. You need to have a number of spawn points at least equal to the maximum amount of teams permitted in the arena. The more spawn points you have, the better spread the players will be. Keep in mind that cages spawn at the spawn points, so they should be floating.

You can now set the lobby location of the arena using the command '/ss setlobby <Arena>'. This is where players will teleport when they join this specific arena.

* In this lobby, you can create kit NPCs using the command '/ss kitnpc add <Kit> <EntityType>'. This step is completely optional.

You can also add powerup spawnpoints, go to the desired powerup spawn locations and use /ss addpowerup <Arena>

* If you have made any changes to the arena blocks after creating it, you should update it with '/de updateregion <Arena>' and it will probably ask you to set the 2 corners again.

* You can set the location that spectators teleport to, but this step is not necessary. To set the location you use the command '/ss setspectators <Arena>'

After you are finished you can use '/ss edit <Arena>' to enable the arena and change some other settings. Don't forget to click the save and apply button if you modified anything inside the edit GUI.

--- Bungee mode setup! for this all you have to do is the same steps as before, you should make some arenas and when you think that you have enough, go to config.yml and enable bungeemode. This plugin will only be on your game server and NOT in your hub server, if you want to join through signs from your hub server, then you need to have a plugin such as TeleportSigns in your hub

If you have only 1 arena, the plugin will make players enter the 1 arena directly (No lobby) and also restart when the arena ends.
If you have 2+ arenas, then the plugin will make players enter the lobby first (Same as '/de join') and then they will be able to select the arena they want, and no restart will occur upon end.

- To create signs, the first line must be [SS]

- To create a lobby join sign, the second line should be 'join'
- To create an arena join sign, the second line join be 'join' and the third line should be the arena name
- To create a leave sign the second line should be 'leave'
- To create an autojoin sign the second line should be 'autojoin'

- To create leaderboard signs the second line should be 'top' and the third line should be the stat name, example 'wins', 'games_played' etc...
and the fourth line should be the rank you are looking for! If you want to display the TOP player (rank 1) then write in the fourth line '1'


If you purchase the plugin and install it on your server then please send me your server IP so that it will be featured here!


This plugin works from 1.7.9 and upwards!

If you want to use QualityArmory guns, it is recommended that you install QualityArmory guns first and then install Super Smash X, because then, the plugin will detect it upon the initial setup and automatically create a list of guns and add them as powerups!

Using MySQL is highly recommended as it increases the performance and protects you from some issues

If you want any holographic features, you will need to install HolographicDisplays! If you want to use the Holographic Stats feature, you will need to install ProtocolLib as well otherwise the stats holograms will collide.

TitleManager is required to display titles for version 1.7.9 and also for action bar on versions lower than 1.10

There are some extra permissions!
supersmashx.admin to create signs
supersmashx.admin to break signs
supersmashx.admin to view update notifications
supersmashx.unblockcmds to be able to use commands while in game

If vault is enabled in the config, Leaderboards will not show 'Coins' as the player vault money, it will still display the player coins

Ask about any concern in the discussion area before purchasing.

Before posting a negative review, please ask for help!


The API can be simply accessed using the class named SuperSmashXAPI.

  • getTopPlayers (Should run async)
- First argument is the players data which you can get from SuperSmashXAPI.getAllPlayersData()
- Second argument is the stat, for example Stat.WINS
- Third argument is the amount of top players you are looking for

            HashMap<String, String> data = SuperSmashXAPI.getAllPlayersData(); //Get all players data
            List<Entry<String, Integer>> players = SuperSmashXAPI.getTopPlayers(data, Stat.WINS, 10); //Get the top 10 players for the wins stat and put them in the 'players' list

            //Entry key is the player name, and the entry value is their score

            for(int i = 0; i < players.size(); i++){
            Bukkit.broadcastMessage("# " + (i+1) + " is " + players.get(i).getKey() + " with a score of " + players.get(i).getValue());
  • SuperSmashXAPI.modifyOfflinePlayerStat (Should run async)
- First argument is the player name
- Second argument is the Stat that you want to modify, for example Stat.COINS
- Third argument is the value
- Fourth argument is a boolean which indicates whether the value (3rd argument) should be 'added' to the existing score or the stat should be just overwritten to the value.

            SuperSmashXAPI.modifyOfflinePlayerStat("Hello", Stat.COINS, 1000, false); //This will set player coins to 1000
            SuperSmashXAPI.modifyOfflinePlayerStat("Hello", Stat.COINS, 1000, true); //This will add 1000 coin to the player

You can also access lots of methods using class instances.
The main class instance can be retrieved using SuperSmashX.getInstance()
You can access the customization class with Customization.getInstance() and the config class with Config.getInstance() and many other classes. But you are not really supposed to use those and they won't be documented. So ask me for help before using methods in those classes.


For internal lobby scoreboard, you can use these placeholders:
%kills%, %deaths%, %games_played%, %coins%, %wins%, %player_exp%, %player_rank%, %selected_kit%, %selected_trail%, %selected_cage%

Internal arena scoreboard can use these placeholders:
%arena%, %players%, %max_players%, %timer%, %mode%, %date%

The placeholders mentioned below are for PlaceholderAPI, if you want to use MVdWPlaceholderAPI placeholders then use the same placeholders below but replace the first % with { and replace the last % with }

Not player specific placeholders:
%supersmashx_players_count%, %supersmashx_parties_count%, %supersmashx_lobby_players_count%, %supersmashx_arenas_count%, %supersmashx_kits_count%, %supersmashx_trails_count%, %supersmashx_cages_count%, %supersmashx_arena_status_<arena>%, %supersmashx_bungee_arena_status%

Player specific placeholders:
%supersmashx_arena%, %supersmashx_modifier%, %supersmashx_party_leader%, %supersmashx_kills%, %supersmashx_deaths%, %supersmashx_games_played%, %supersmashx_coins%, %supersmashx_wins%, %supersmashx_player_exp%, %supersmashx_player_rank%, %supersmashx_selected_trail%, %supersmashx_selected_kit%, %supersmashx_selected_cage%


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If you don't own 3 or more but you want to purchase 3 at once, you get a 25% discount! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

To perform any of the above, you need to contact me through email -> [email protected] and also message me here as well!

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There are several ways to get support! Please use any of the following

  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. Private Message
  3. Discussion area
  4. Discord (Click image below to join)



By purchasing this plugin you to the following!
- You are not allowed to redistribute this plugin in any way!
- Refunds are not allowed under any circumstance!
- Source code costs additional money!
- I'm not obligated to do updates within a specific time period! You purchase the plugin as-is.


Latest updates

  1. Super Smash X 1.5 has been released!

    Added some safety checks for the case when a player dies due to any external command or plugin...
  2. Super Smash X 1.4 has been released!

    Added a notifications system. I can now send you notifications in-game Added 3 built-in...
  3. Super Smash X 1.3 has been released!

    Fixed a bug where the command /ss reload was not entirely updating the broadcaster messages You...
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