1.7-1.8 VortexPearls 100% AntiGlitch | Tali Pearls | Pearls thru fences, slabs, stairs 5.2.1

The best cheapest enderpearl plugin for HCF, Factions!
VortexPearls - The best cheapest Ender Pearl plugin that is extremely focused on fixing all glitches & bugs and adds tons of popular and custom features to make the game more interesting! Every week there is a giveaway for 1 license with very light requirements! (In our Discord!).
Ideal for PvP servers with HCF, Factions themes.

1. 99.9% Anti-Glitch & Prevent Suffocation system!
2. The best pearls thru fences, stairs, slabs etc..., as on popular HCF servers!
3. 100% customizable & configurable!
4. Fast Support
5. Not a single bad review from 75+ customers.

Showcase (OUTDATED)

For support and any questions or concerns
Discord: vortex#2252

✔ 25 Purchases
✔ 50 Purchases
✔ 75 Purchases
✔ 100 Purchases
❌125 Purchases[114]

1. Download the jar file after purchase.
2. Put the appropriate jar file in "plugins" folder.
3. Put your license key in the no were easy crack
4. Restart the server!

- vortexpearls.admin: /vortexpearls command

* zonixcraft.ru
* vanityempire.hu
* play.silvernetwork.hu
* play.coldnetwork.net
* dynamicpvp.net
* play.mantamc.com
* sololegends.net
Crediting original
AdvancedLicense, PaperSpigot

Latest updates

  1. Update 5.2.1

    Update 5.2.1 - Fixed all known bugs/glitches

Latest reviews

The pearl plugin you need for your server.
This is everything you are looking for in pearls. 10/10
Excelent price and really good pearls plugin
Best pearls ive ever tried :) 10/10
One of the best pearl plugins in the entire MC Market 10/10! and Discord support 10/10!!
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