[NEW] Sparox Ghost Theme - Live Preview Available 0.0.3

A Ghost Theme made for server owners to further improve communication with their players.

For years the industry standard revolved around XenForo, NamelessMC or other forum software. Unfortunately, often times startups struggle to pay, maintain and moderate these relatively complex platforms.

New software that is easier to work with and more affordable is raising grounds. Ghost, being one of them, offers a very simple way of posting server announcements in a blog-like manner. No need to keep a forum active, scan through messages or spend money on custom addons. Everything is all in one place, made easy with Ghost. The only thing you need is a VPS to install and run Ghost, and this theme!




If you're interested, don't hesitate to contact me on Discord Gilles#1616 before purchasing the theme. I'll be more than happy to help you out if any issues arise as well.

Live Preview: Click Here
Documentation: Click Here

A Ghost Theme made for server owners to further improve communication with their players via a good looking interface.

  1. Post Announcements
    One of the main features a good server website needs, the ability to post server updates.
  2. Showcase the Team
    Have a page to categorically display the staff team so people know where to turn to.
  3. Create Guides
    One page full of player guides. Get rid of complexity and stop losing players.
  4. Define Rules
    Setup boundaries and limitations for your players to create an honest community.
  5. Link Different Places
    Your website is a hub to refer to other sites and social media accounts.
  6. Inform on Privacy
    Easily create additional pages to inform users on their rights.
  • Ghost is unique
    Use Ghost and be one of the leaders in the field! Break out of the legacy stack, that's been used for years and move forward!
  • One place has it all
    Alternatives to forum software are on the rise. They require minimal maintenance, are free and very accessible to new users.
  • It's free
    While you can pay for Ghost, it's completely free if you run it on your own server.
New to your stack: Sparox Theme. Now available for purchase!

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Really nice theme! Gilles is a really helpfull and friendly guy!
I just really don't think anything can look better than this, plus the support that the author gives is just always top notch.
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