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Vote Reward - Vote Party

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Reward your players with the VoteParty system. zVoteParty will encourage your players to vote for your server, which will help your community grow.

You need NuVotifier to run the plugin​




  • Order/vote with fully configurable inventory
  • Configurable message
  • Party voting system
  • Many placeholder
  • Reward system for player's vote (with NuVotifier plugin)


  • /vote (zvoteparty.vote) - Open vote inventory
  • /zvoteparty (zvoteparty.use) - Show needed votes for vote party
  • /zvoteparty reload (zvoteparty.reload) - Reload configurations files
  • /zvoteparty config (zvoteparty.config) - Open inventory of configuration
  • /zvoteparty version - Show plugin version
  • /zvoteparty add [<true/false>] (zvoteparty.add) - Add vote to player
  • /zvoteparty startvote (zvoteparty.startparty)

More informations here: https://groupez.dev/resources/zvoteparty.124/wiki

Github: https://github.com/Maxlego08/zVoteParty

Latest updates

  1. Add custom model data

    Add custom model data
  2. Fix placeholder

    Fix placeholder

Latest reviews

its a good complement for survival/skyblock/or other servers, buy can you add an option to add announce messages and cooldown for voteparty? like "now we reach 100 votes, voteparty start in 10 seconds" or something
thx for review, yes i can do that
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