[Free] 3D Guns Model Pack 1 2021-09-03

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A free model pack with high-quality gun 3D models, fully configurable

A pack of three free gun models, made in a style that will fit in modern, post-apocalyptic, or even WWII settings. Works on all MC versions from 1.8 onwards.

Colours and in-game proportions/view can be changed as desired by modifying the palette and json files respectively.

To import/install into your resource pack, simply drop the assets folder inside your resource pack's folder: change the json files' names to items of your liking to have them appear in game (ex. iron_hoe.json). Can also be used with CustomModelData if you don't want to replace existing items.

For any issues or custom model requests, contact Flare2B#6997 on Discord.

This pack contains: a Volks pistol, a double-barreled shotgun, and a Mosin Nagant rifle.



Proof of ownership is found on my SpigotMC forum thread, under the name leokiller97.
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  • volks.PNG
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