[Fishing] 123 Custom Sealife Textures + Itemsadder & Pyrofishingpro Configs v2.4

Here's my Custom Sealife Pack with configuration files for Itemsadder and PyrofishingPro


I present my pack of 123 individual Sea Creature textures with an Itemsadder Fish Config and a PyroFishingPro Fish Config.

That's roughly £0.08 per fish and x2 configs setup, all fish are edible with Itemsadder.

Pack Includes:

123 Sea Life Texture png files
123 json files for said textures
5 Item Textures png files
5 Item Json files.
1 Itemsadder Fish configuration yml file.
1 PyroFishingPro Fish configuration yml file.
1 preset Itemsadder Fish Category.

All Textures are 16x16 pixels.

As of Version 1.8 this Pack now includes Custom Textures and config setup for the Custom Mob Drops shown and listed below.


Crab Claw, Entropy Crystal, Crab Shell, Dolphin Tail and Squid Tentacle.

Custom Fish can be gifted as food through Itemsadders /iagive command but, if given as a Food gift, they can not be sold via the Pyrofishing Shop, they can only be sold via the Pyrofishing Shop if they are physically caught by fishing. Meaning you can gift the sea life as food and your players can not exploit the gift. How this is done is, Itemsadder gives the Fish it's own NBT. When Fish are caught via fishing, Pyrofishing assigns it's own NBT.

If you don't use Itemsadder but have another Custom Items plugin that provides it's custom items with a Material and a Custom Model Data number, then you can use that custom item plugin instead, you will need to configure the items yourself though as i only support Itemsadder in this pack.

Have a question? Contact me on Discord - sircraftypants#4875

Proof of Ownership: can be found on my Youtube Account.

Please read the Terms and Conditions before purchasing any of my resources.

Latest updates

  1. Removed 1 last obsolete Biome

    final 1.18 Biome change.
  2. Quick Biome update

    Just removed a few other obsolete biomes from the 1.18 version
  3. Added an updated Biome Fish config for 1.18+

    In the folder named pryofishingpro config you will find the 1.18+ fish config for pyrofishing...

Latest reviews

This is an absolutely amazing custom addon for PyroFishingPro, and truly adds so much more detail & uniqueness to the plugin as a whole. The author was overwhelmingly helpful and kind as well; and was able to help troubleshoot and walk me through the entire configuration/setup process over Discord. The instructions that come along with the resource are incredibly helpful as well if this is your first time using ItemsAdder on your server. 10/10 resource I would recommend to all server owners looking for an incredible custom fishing experience to give to their players!
Ty, Appreciate the support!
fast, friendly, helpful and communicative author!
great configuration for any type of server (if at least pyrofishing is installed)
can absolutely recommend this ressource! unbelieveable cheap! and vanilla-like with 16x16 textures instead of 32x32 or 64x64.
thanks, sircraftypants! keep up your fantastic work because i love it!
Ty, Appreciate the support!
Great resource for PyroFishing. It includes custom fish with custom names, descriptions and textures. The amount of work done is enormous, worth the cost.
Appreciate the support!
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